Go Huntington!

Hey guys! So today was big trivia day. We started out with a near perfect score in the first half. Then everything went wrong. First, the place where the tournament was held, had no air conditioning and there were about 60 people in this small room together. It was also very hot outside so before we were even halfway done I felt like I was going to either throw up or pass out, it was bad. At that point we were missing more questions as well. To give a little background this was a statewide tournament and they were asking the same questions to teams in two other cities in out state. To make a long story short, we did not place in the money. The good news is, two of the teams from our town placed! One got first and the other got third so that was pretty awesome. Then a couple hours after that, we went to the Bahnhof to have dinner with one of our friends who is moving out of town. That was very fun. They had a new honey custard cake dessert that was fabulous. Then after that we just cruised around for a bit and then took a walk through the park since it was still really warm outside. We talked about a few things that have been bothering me like the whole house issue, and the whole where is my life going thing that I feel like I will always struggle with. I have a general idea of what I want out of my life, but how I’m going to balance all of those things together in reality is what continues to puzzle me. I’ve written about this before, but my thoughts always get deep like this when my period is about to start lol. It’s like a reminder, hey, time is not standing still, you have to figure this shit out! It’s really sobering and at times very depressing. I think the depression is also its own period symptom I deal with though. It’s hard enough for me to think straight right now as it is, but its like there’s a negative spin on everything that comes to mind. It sucks. Other than that, it was a wonderful night. We stopped a few times to talk to some of his friends we saw along the way. We also saw one of his friends that’s been a friend of my family’s for a while now and it was nice to catch up with him. We just got back to the house a few minutes ago. We have work in the morning, but we don’t go in until 11 so its not a big deal to go to bed a bit late. I’ve also realized that I really have to remember to choose my battles when it comes to what I let stress me out. If I end up tired in the morning, it does not matter because I will be tired in the morning no matter how much sleep I get lol its just my personality. I’ve learned that it helps a lot to be able to let some things go. On that note, I have to get some things done before bed, so I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


Sad Balloon..

Hey guys! So today I am a little all over the place. First of all, its getting to be that time of the month where my emotions start spiraling out of whack before my period comes crashing in, so there’s that. Then, we heard back from the loan agent today. It was not the news we were hoping for, it was not good news at all actually. We were hoping that, best case scenario, they would give us enough to get the new house. Worst case scenario, they would give us just enough to pay off and do some repairs to this house. As I should have expected, we cannot afford the new house. They will not give us a loan that’s even big enough to pay off and repair this house. We qualify for just enough to pay off the house with about 10 grand leftover, so yes it would be payed for, but it would also remain in crap shape. I jokingly suggested to Tommy that we pay off the house and use the leftover money to take a trip to Tokyo. He thought I was joking, but seriously, I would love to do that lol. I would love to get something fun out of all this stress. So we’re not sure what to do about the house as of yet. Also, my health issue that’s recently came about is persisting and possibly getting worse. On top of everything, people were just jerks on the phone today. That’s never fun. So all in all today really took the wind right out of me. I felt literally deflated as I was leaving work today. Like a sad balloon. I didn’t mean to bring you guys down lol that’s just where I’m at today. So tomorrow is big money trivia, and I’m really excited but also nervous. Well guys I will get back with you tomorrow. Bye!


Hey guys! So today was our Friday and I am super glad to not have to go to work tomorrow. Today was an especially bad day at work, this lady on the phone actually personally threatened me. I know nothing will come of it, but that just goes back to the point of why be so mean to a complete stranger who is attempting to help you? It’s senseless. After we got home I decided I was going to make a nice dinner. Cooking always calms me and puts me in a better mood. I made these cream cheese, and spinach chicken rolls. I’ve made something like this before with Brie cheese, but this time I was just experimenting. Basically you cook up a lot of spinach with some roasted garlic and olive oil on low heat. Then you add your soft cheese of choice and continue to cook and mix it all together. I chose some feta, a couple scoops of cream cheese, and a sprinkling of Parmesan. Then you lay out some thin, boneless, skinless, chicken breasts(thawed). Then you place a small dollop of the mixture on each one and roll it up. Stick a toothpick in it to hold it together, roll it in breading, and cook at 350° for 30 minutes. I recommend about 2 to 4 rolls per person depending on the persons appetite. It’s so good, and so easy. I also made some homemade mashed potatoes to go with it, and corn. I’m just so glad to be home lol. Well guys its pretty late here, I’m going to head to bed. Bye!

So much to say

Hey guys! So today was a beautiful day. I was stuck inside for the most part but I did get to see it a bit this morning. So Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there! I had to work today so I saw my mom yesterday. Today was pretty exhausting as far as work days go. You would think people would be a bit nicer on mothers day. You would be wrong. I’m just happy tomorrow is our Friday. At this point I’m just pushing myself to the end of the workweek. I know that sounds really depressing lol its just the place I’m in mentally right now. I’m still working on my short story and my book though so that always helps. Sorry I don’t have too much to say today guys. I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with more energy. Bye Guys!


Hi guys! So today was a pretty rough day. We went into work today and got bombarded with a bunch of new rules and templates for things. In other words more things to do while dealing with unruly customers. -_- It would not have been so bad except that Tommy was on a call for a whole hour after our shift ended because of a huge debacle with a shady account. So we did not get home until 11 and I still had to cook dinner. So our evening is cut to almost nothing. I get so discouraged by stuff like this. I just have to cling to my writing and know that as long as I keep working on my book, my short story, and this blog, I will feel like I have an actual purpose and I’m not toiling my life away for nothing. Well guys tomorrow is our Friday so at least I have that.I’ll post some pics of our comic book day haul then. I’m going to relax for a bit now, I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


Pains of being in Customer Service and Being a good person

Hi guys! So today as I was sitting at work, I was thinking to myself, if I get one more person that gets on the phone that asks me where I’m located, just to say how glad they are that I’m in the United States, just to talk bad about the previous person who was trying to help them that may not have been based in the US, I’m jumping through the computer and shaking them. (Not that I would actually do that, this is clearly NOT a threat, I am clearly venting) I know this sounds a bit harsh, especially as an intro lol but I’m not having the best time dealing with people lately. Today I have actually started to compose a resume (in my head) to use to apply to a different job. I am a super patient person in most circumstances, but my buttons keep getting pushed by these people. If you have something against people of other races or skin colors, (know that its totally wrong) but its your business. I do not need your hateful opinions in my ear. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?Not to mention, I don’t think anyone wants to hear people openly dogging their colleagues for no real reason. I wonder if these people understand, I try to explain to some of them if they listen, that these other agents are given the exact same training as I am. They are equally capable. I really wish I could work in a place where I could perhaps be a little more picky about my clients lol. That’s one of the things I love about the idea of working online, because I would have more freedom as to whom my writing would cater and also because it would be so much easier for me to just delete a mean comment than verbally argue with someone. So now that I got that off my chest lol, in good news, some of my roses have bloomed! Also my tiny oregano plant has company because a tiny stalk of Dill sprouted last night! I am so excited. As far as my peppers go, I came home from work tonight in a panic because it was clearly too cold for them outside. They are supposed to stay in at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was only 50. I’m just really grateful we found a great big roasting pan we weren’t using to sit them in so I can keep them inside for the next few weeks, or at least until I know it wont get below 70. Well guys at least it is my Friday so I can enjoy the next few days. I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!

At the end of the day

Hi guys! So today was the first day back after my long weekend, and I was quickly reminded why I took yesterday off. -_- Its not that I hate my job, I just don’t like it at all lol. Really though, I do like that it pays the bills, other than that, its becoming harder to deal with every day. I have trouble with all the negativity and stress. I spent some time today looking into remote writing positions. I know for someone like me with no degree or real writing experience that its a long shot, but its what I really want out of my life. Its not very simple though. I’ll still have to stick it out for a while, but we will see what happens. So another thing I want to mention is that at about 4 a.m this morning a horrible storm kicked up. I woke up super nervous for my little plants I had on the table outside. Because they are only in little peat pots I was so afraid the wind would knock them over. I had a really hard time sleeping because of it. I did check on them this morning, and while they had definitely been rained on, none of them fell over. I was so happy. I was afraid it would rain again tonight because I saw some lightening as we were getting off work but so far its remained dry which is good. If not for Tommy and things like my plants and my blog I feel like I would go crazy lol. I really wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to read my ramblings, it means a lot to me. I will be back tomorrow, bye guys!