Sad Balloon..

Hey guys! So today I am a little all over the place. First of all, its getting to be that time of the month where my emotions start spiraling out of whack before my period comes crashing in, so there’s that. Then, we heard back from the loan agent today. It was not the news we were hoping for, it was not good news at all actually. We were hoping that, best case scenario, they would give us enough to get the new house. Worst case scenario, they would give us just enough to pay off and do some repairs to this house. As I should have expected, we cannot afford the new house. They will not give us a loan that’s even big enough to pay off and repair this house. We qualify for just enough to pay off the house with about 10 grand leftover, so yes it would be payed for, but it would also remain in crap shape. I jokingly suggested to Tommy that we pay off the house and use the leftover money to take a trip to Tokyo. He thought I was joking, but seriously, I would love to do that lol. I would love to get something fun out of all this stress. So we’re not sure what to do about the house as of yet. Also, my health issue that’s recently came about is persisting and possibly getting worse. On top of everything, people were just jerks on the phone today. That’s never fun. So all in all today really took the wind right out of me. I felt literally deflated as I was leaving work today. Like a sad balloon. I didn’t mean to bring you guys down lol that’s just where I’m at today. So tomorrow is big money trivia, and I’m really excited but also nervous. Well guys I will get back with you tomorrow. Bye!



Hey guys! So today we looked at the house again. I love it. He really likes it, but he’s still torn just because of his sentimental ties to this house. We actually took the next step and spoke to someone at a bank about what kind of loan we could get and an estimate of what our monthly payments would look like. We don’t have any solid numbers yet, she has to get back to us. Basically we have decided that based on what she says, if we can afford it, we’ll do it, if not we’ll just basically fix everything in this house lol. I really hope we can afford the new house though, just because we can fix the house all we want, but we can’t fix the neighborhood. Either way its left us pretty stressed out lol. It also does not help that I have had a possible health issue recently. I won’t go into details but I definitely have to see a doctor which is also stressful. We have work tomorrow and then we have the big trivia tournament Saturday. That is actually being held in town which is great because while we love an out of town trip, we definitely need to save money which is impossible if we go out of town lol. Its a lot less stress too. We did not end up going to trivia today just because our friends were busy and we’re better as a team so we just decided to skip it. We still had a good evening though. We are officially caught up on the Ash Vs. Evil Dead on Starz. Its a great show. Well guys its gotten pretty late here, so I’m headed to bed. I’ll keep you updated on the house situation. Bye!


Hey guys! So first I wanted to apologize, I did not post yesterday. I was going to at first, but then I just lost the energy lol. I’ll explain further in a bit. So, I just wanted to give a big shout out because I reached 20 followers today! I am so happy and so grateful to you guys for caring enough to read my daily ramblings lol. Thank you guys so much! To explain why I did not post yesterday, I’ll start from the beginning. We woke up super excited because it was the day of the beer and tater tots festival. Then we realized there were signs all along our street saying the streets were going to be swept and we had to move our cars. So at the risk of being late to the festival, we had to find a spot for all 3 of our cars, because we were riding with our friends. It normally would not have been a big deal, but our old 80’s Volkswagen does not have the best battery and we had to jump him from the jeep to get it going enough to move it to the side street. Then we rode up to Columbus. I always love the car ride up there. It’s almost 3 hours 1 way. I just love long car rides in general lol. Plus it was a gorgeous day, super sunny and very hot. ┬áIt also always reminds me how beautiful all the Ohio farmland is. Miles and miles of crops and animals, always takes my breath away. So when we got there the city was beautiful as usual. The festival was at a park in the middle of town. It was really fun. I had several different varieties of tater tots, and I also had a hard cider from one of the beer vendors that was very good. Over all it was just fun to be out in the sun in the big city. I loved it. I took a couple photos. I’ll be posting those tomorrow. So we got home, and Tommy and I had a very long discussion regarding the house situation. In which I basically told him we told him we don’t have to move, but if we don’t move, we have to get the very best security system humanly possible. It was not up for debate. So after that discussion I was just very mentally exhausted and that is why I did not post anything. Although I think based on his thoughts today, he is ready to move. We have set up a second appointment for the particular house we have really liked. I’m excited but I’m not getting my hopes up in case he backs out, or we make an offer and they don’t take it, really anything could go wrong, so I’m mentally preparing myself. Today was pretty hectic as well. So it is super late here, so I’m going to head to bed, I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


Hey guys! So today was a pretty average day at work. So in between calls Tommy and I spent some time discussing the new house thing. He keeps going back to how much cheaper and easier it would be to not move, and I realize this, but no matter how many repairs we do to the house, we can’t fix the neighborhood. The whole reason we are moving is that we cannot trust the neighborhood anymore. He just has a connection with the house and keeps clinging to it. He says we can pay this house off in five years and then move, but in my opinion it’s pointless to throw down another 50 grand on a house you won’t be staying in long term. I also just don’t want to wait five years to start a family, or make bigger plans. I understand sentimental value, but I also know how heartbroken he would be if some junkie broke into the house and stole one of his guitars. I’m not trying to dog my BF, I’m just frustrated about the whole situation lol. So for now we are in the same stalemate about the house thing. In other more positive news, tomorrow is the beer and tater tots festival! I don’t care about the beer, but I love tater tots with a passion. I also love any excuse to go to Columbus. (I also will take any chance to get off work lol) Well guys I have to be up early because its a pretty long drive, so I’m headed to bed, but I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow. Bye!

Silver Lining

Hey guys! So today was the start of our weekend thank the Goddess. I think today was probably the worst day I had ever had at this job. So so bad. I had to keep myself from walking out. I did survive though. There’s been some good news though. Tomorrow we have appointments to look at both house 1 and 2. I am so excited. I’m a little apprehensive too, just because every time we have done this where we fall for a house in photos, it’s not nearly as good in real life. I really want one of these to work out. The housing market in my town is crap and we only find a house worth looking at every few months. I don’t want to start over lol. Other than that, our 3 Year Anniversary is this Wednesday, and we just reserved a table at a really posh steakhouse in our town. I’m so excited. Well guys I have a busy day tomorrow, so I’m off to bed. Bye!

Tough Choices

Hey guys! So last night we had a bit of an adventure in our neighborhood. I won’t go into details but needless to say someone almost got arrested and we were up until almost 4 in the morning speaking with cops and the neighbors. So at this point Tommy has certainly (I hope) decided it is time to find a new house(I decided a long time ago). This neighborhood has gotten way out hand. So at this point in the house search we have it narrowed down to two houses. One costs more, is in a better location, but has only a 1 car garage and 1 less bedroom than the other. The other is bigger in general, costs less, is in a worse location, has a 2 car garage, and a bigger yard. Most of these issues are pretty flexible but the thing I’m having trouble with is the location. House number 1 is in a prime location, but we would be paying for it. House number 2 is in a crap neighborhood, but is a fabulous house. Its tough because the whole point in us moving is to move up in neighborhood quality lol. So we are going to contact our realtor and take a better look at both houses. Maybe house 2’s neighborhood has improved since I was last there. Hopefully. In a bit of positive news, Tommy made today’s paper! They took a picture of him and our friend Luke at the Con yesterday. It was so cute. Well guys I will leave you on that happy note, and I will be back tomorrow. Bye!