K-Pop Song of the Week!

Hey guys! So this week it was tough to choose just one song to post, because my boys BTS just released a whole new album a few days ago! So it took some time to choose which song to post from that album because the whole thing is great. I love it. In the end I chose to go with the first song I heard from the album, DNA. It’s really great and the MV is very colorful and fun. Enjoy!


Melt, and Baby The Stars Shine Bright!!!

Hey guys! So if you are familiar with Kawaii cutesy Japanese culture, you may or may not know of a fashion style called Lolita. Essentially it is an elegant style meant to replicate the intricate, and refined fashions of the French Rococo era. I’ll insert a couple examples here.

So for the past few years, I have done a lot of research into this fashion, but have never really bought anything for it. That is primarily because Lolita fashion is notoriously expensive. Lately though, I have found out that if you are patient and willing to maybe shop second hand, then it can actually be pretty affordable. So a new magazine was released with Lolita and other Japanese street fashions displayed and the magazine actually came with a purse from one of the most famous Lolita brands, Baby The Stars Shine Bright! I was so excited because the magazine was only about $20 which is way less than a bag from that brand would every cost in a hundred years lol. The magazine is called Melt and it is full of awesome Japanese fashion. The purse that came with it, is just adorable! I love BTSSB and I’m so happy to have a purse of theirs as my first real piece. Here are some pics. I did not take any of the inside of the magazine, because I did not want to spoil it lol. If you are into Japanese fashion, you should definitely pick up a copy for yourself!

Italian Fest!

Hey guys! So this is one of the backed up blogs I mentioned a few days ago. So a couple weeks ago, I believe it was the 19th, we went to our towns annual Italian festival! It was tons of fun. The day started out not so fun though. To give a little backstory, our refrigerator recently died. I found out the hard way when I went to get a bowl of cereal with the milk I just bought and it was basically cottage cheese, but I didn’t know that until after I took a bite. It was gross. So we had to buy a new fridge. So with my new schedule, I don’t get off work until midnight. So the night before the fest, because I had worked, I didn’t get to bed until after 4 a.m. So the estimated time for the fridge guys to get here was anywhere from 8 a.m. to noon. So I get less than 4 hours sleep, and then am awake all day. It was a wonderful day after that though lol. They had tons of food vendors, and they had a band playing Italian songs. My main goal was to have some manicotti and a cannoli. I could not find any manicotti, but we did have a cannoli first thing. It had almond slivers on it, it was fabulous. Then we had some delicious baked pasta. We also had some Stromboli that was great. All in all it was a wonderful time with excellent food. The icing on the cake though, was that for some reason, there was someone in a life size pikachu suit! It was awesome! Here are a couple pics. It was a great time, and we will certainly be going next year!

Home Improvement

Hey guys! So today I wanted to give you guys a bit of an update on what I’ve been up to lately. So there have been several improvements on and in the house lately. We bought a whole new living room set. The set is gorgeous the only issue with it is that one of the cocktail tables was delivered completely unbalanced. We weren’t even able to use it. Normally those tables come with little adjustable screws on the legs so they can be balanced out. The table did not have those lol. If we had ordered these online or something it would be more understandable, but these were delivered by actual guys from the store. I find it hard that someone delivering that table would not have noticed that it was totally lopsided. It’s right now though, because Tommy put some wood shims under the legs, but it just doesn’t look as good. They are supposed to be send the screws to us through the mail, but we haven’t gotten them yet. Next we got a new fridge. This was not planned lol. Our old fridge broke so we had to get a new one. Although we didn’t plan on it, I really like the new fridge. Our old one was one of those off white (was once white lol) textured fridges, and we got a new double door stainless one. It’s super nice. We also had to have a huge tree in the backyard taken down because it was right on the verge of either falling on our house or the neighbors house. Then just yesterday we had someone come out to fix our leaky roof. They fixed it for the most part, but we discovered after it rained today, there’s still a leaky spot in one of our crawlspaces. It’s not a big deal though we can just have the guys come back. We’ve also just been cleaning up a lot and getting rid of stuff. So with all that and work, it’s been pretty busy lol. Its worth it though to know the house is finally getting fixed up. Our next project is new counters and cabinets in the kitchen. Most of our appliances are stainless steel and black. We have not decided what shade of wood we want for the cabinets yet. I’m open to suggestions lol. Well guys that’s all I have for today. Bye!