S.7 E.4 Game of Thrones!!

Hey guys! So first I want to apologize, I’m posting this a day late. Yesterday got a bit hectic. So yesterday’s episode was exciting, but before I get into it, I will again give my disclosure. I am assuming that if you are reading this you are fully caught up with Game of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW. SPOILERS AHEAD! Now that that’s out of the way, Oh my God you guys!! This episode was just so much. So so much. Bronn and Jamie’s bickering is so cute especially since Jamie has a particular chip on his shoulder at the moment so he’s feeling extra sassy this week. Cersei and the Iron Bank both bore me to tears with their interaction here, although his little snip about “You can count on the Iron Bank’s support, as soon as the gold arrives.” kills me. So when Little finger gave the dagger to Bran, I was a little thrown off, then I realized this is another one of his shady ways of trying to cozy up to the Stark kids. No one likes you Little Finger.

Image result for you can't sit with us meme

So Bran’s interaction with Meera is sad, but he’s right, there’s so little left of “Bran” now, you can’t expect too much. So guys, Arya is back in Winterfell! I thought the reunion with Sansa was perfect. They were a little hesitant at first but I expect that I mean its been years since they have seen each other and they have both been through some shit. So the reunion with Bran was awkward because obviously he’s not really “Bran” anymore and they don’t understand fully whats up with him yet. I loved the way Sansa reacted when Bran brought up the death list. Pure big sister pride right there. The majority of the Stark kids are together though and that’s what matters. So I know I’m stating the obvious here, but Jon and Dany need to do it already and get it over with. The sexual tension is so obvious! I’m still not sure if he will bend the knee or not and while I love the whole king of the North thing, he really will need her help to defeat the Night king. Also the Dragon glass cave was beautiful. So I agree with both Tyrion and Jon that she should not just burn the whole Kingdom down. So the little fight between Brienne and Arya was great, not only was it a good fight, it was also a clear message to Little Finger. Do not fuck with Arya. She will cut your throat with a smile on her face. Alright Reek, formerly known as Theon, I really really hope the writers have something absolutely huge in store for you because if not I really don’t need to see your shameful sad face anymore. So the end scene battle was incredible, and it taught us a few things. One, Dicon did not ask for any of this. He knew some of those men. Assholes -_-. Two, Lord Tarly is a huge ass. Do not flog those guys you piece of crap!! I hope he gets a really painful death not just for this but also for the way he treated his son. Three, Bronn is certainly not getting paid now after his bag of gold was lost in the battle. Four, Lannister men burn like kindling! Oh it was just so awesome! Four, Dragons are not invincible Dany! Pay attention please! I don’t want to lose a dragon this season, I will be pissed. Five and finally, you do NOT under any circumstances charge head first at a girl standing next to a dragon that will either A: eat you or B: burn you to ash where you stand. Jamie is not as smart as I would like to give him credit for sometimes. So last we saw Jamie the idiot he was slowly sinking underwater. I would like to think he will die, because if he’s that stupid he deserves it, but I know better. The writers won’t let that happen just yet. Bronn pushed him in the water and will probably be the one to save him, and then hopefully demand more payment.


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