Season 7 Finale Game Of Thrones!!!

Holy crap you guys! It was the season finale. I would say it left me speechless but then there wouldn’t be a point in this blog. So first, to go over the only real closure we got this episode. I am so glad that Sansa is not actually that stupid. Little finger was making me so mad at this point. The way Sansa turned that shit around on him there made me so happy. I was waiting for it. I’m glad that Sansa and Arya are getting along. I love that Arya was the executioner. It suits her. So before I get to our main plot, I wanted to touch on Theons moment. I am not saying he’s fully redeemed for everything, but it was a pretty good fight. The smile he had when the guy kept trying to kick him in his parts, made me a little happy.  I’m glad he’s going back for Yara. I hope he actually gets to kill Euron, but I doubt it based on what Cersei says later in the episode. If he kills Euron, it might make him look like a better person. Might. He’s done a lot of bad shit. So on to our main plot. I loved that the trip there was just a big reunion. It was awesome but it also gave me an ominous feeling like they’re giving us this scene because some of these guys might not be with us much longer. So the meeting started out well. Dany made a good entrance. While the scene was happening, I thought Cersei was being reasonable. Later I realized that I should have known better. I have to say that when Tyrion went into his little private meeting with her, I was really afraid. He came out of it though and that’s whats important. I really hope Jamie survives and makes his way to Tyrion. I don’t think that will happen but I have hopes. I’m glad Sam made it to Winterfell, and Bran finally told all of us the truth about Jon’s lineage. When he will be able to tell Jon, who knows. Then they end the episode with Un-dead Viserion using his fucking blue fire to melt the fucking wall! It was fucking insane. The whole army of the dead just walks on through. Fuck. Well guys, we have to wait a whole year to see who all gets turned into un-dead soldiers. Until then guys, I will write about other things lol. Bye!


K-Pop Song of the Week!

Hey guys! So today is a special K-pop blog. I have a song I’ll be posting but I also wanted to show you guys my TWICE haul! My bf and I recently bought all of TWICE’s albums with the posters, cards and everything! I’ll include some pics of everything after the video. So today’s K-pop song is 1 to 10 by TWICE! It’s a super cute fun song and I love it! I hope you guys love it too! I wasn’t able to find an M/V for it, but here’s a dance video!


So, here is all the TWICE stuff we bought! We got the box sets for all four albums with all the goodies! It was a bit expensive, but worth every penny! Honestly, I had not even heard most of the other songs on the albums, and a lot of them have become favorites! If you guys haven’t heard the full albums, I definitely encourage you to give them a listen!

Upcoming Stuff and Things!

Hey guys! So I just wanted to check in, and let you guys know what I’ve been up to. I know I haven’t posted much except for my weekly GOT blogs and K-pop blogs. Things have been super hectic here lately. The main issue was that I noticed that most of my blogs were basically me complaining about work, and life in general, and that is not what I wanted for this blog. To get a little personal for a second, I have never been a super positive person. I’ve always leaned towards negativity to a point. Being positive, and just happy about life is always a little bit of a struggle for me. I’m doing my best to change that. My blog is a big part of that. I want this to be a place where I share the fun, wonderful things that happen in my life, in spite of the not so fun things. I also wanted to let you guys know I have a few things backed up to post but have not had the time to sit down and really put everything together. I will be slowly churning these out for you lol. Well, I just wanted to let you guys know what’s been up with me, and I’ll catch you guys later. Bye!

S. 7 E. 6 Game of Thrones!

Hey guys! So the season is almost over. I’m already sad. So here is my disclaimer. Spoilers ahead! STOP reading if you are not caught up. So I’m going to make this one a bit shorter, I’m not sure that you guys are digging the super long blogs lol. I only do it to make sure I don’t miss any details, but I’m going to try a more summed up version. So this episode made me mad, but also very happy about some things. First lets talk about the fact that Sansa and Arya are clearly playing right into Little Finger’s plan! I hope they realize it soon before Arya gets mad enough to actually do something and not just scare her. I also hope that when Brienne gets to King’s Landing, Jamie talks to her and realizes that he’s on the wrong side, and starts plotting his sisters death. So on to the main plot in this episode. So, Dany needs to listen to Tyrion. Hopefully after this she will. So the hound, out of boredom, sufficiently fucked everything. I don’t care how bored I am, I will  never be tempted to throw a damn rock at a zombie! Then we get a huge battle and our beloved dragons come in at the very end to save the day! So, and I knew this would happen even before the season started because I watched update videos but that did not make it any easier. We lost Viserion. It was tragic. I knew they were going to turn him, and that really fucking complicates things in this war. Hopefully Dany will learn from this that her dragons are not invincible, and that she should maybe listen to Tyrion about being less impulsive. The scene with Jon and Dany was everything. The hand holding, the eye contact, it was so sweet. I was so so happy to see this. One last thing I wanted to point out, how does she know she can’t have anymore human children?  It’s not like she’s actively tried to get pregnant with anyone since Drogo. I think it could, and should happen. So that’s all I have for tonight guys. Bye!

S.7 E.5 Game of Thrones!

Hi guys! So I don’t know if its just me, but this episode left me a little frustrated. Before I get into it, here’s my disclosure. I am writing this assuming that if you are reading, you are fully caught up with the show Game of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW. SPOILERS AHEAD!! So, I knew that Jamie would live, but I’m not happy about it. I am happy that Lord Tarly died. I knew he would not bend the knee. I was hoping Dicon would, but he’s not that smart.Yes, she could have just put him in a dungeon for a while, but it goes back to what she was told a few seasons ago, she has to follow through to be taken seriously as a ruler. I actually just now realized, both Dany and Jon had to make that transition from super soft and forgiving, to serious and rough in order to be taken seriously. Speaking of rulers, Cersei is pregnant. Fuck. Although that will make it all the more devastating for Jamie when she dies, which I’m sure won’t be in this season, but I’m looking forward to it none the less. I really hope she doesn’t live to see this baby. She doesn’t deserve it. Plus they are running out of episodes until the show is over. So I think, either she will not live to have the baby, or she has the baby, and it’s taken by the Night King! I think that would be an awesome twist. It’s also possible that she is not really pregnant and is doing this to fuck with Jamie but that’s not likely. She just does not deserve to enjoy this baby, and on top of that, she would be just the worst role model. (Geoffrey). So, I need to talk about Jon’s moment with Drogon. I thought this was great for so many reasons. One, Drogon accepting his hand further proves the fact that Jon is a Targaryen and their legendary connection with Dragons is a thing and is super sweet. Another thing I wanted to say about this, and I’m not sure if its just me, but Dany watching on, this had to have warmed her to Jon on some level. I felt like she had more respect for him after seeing Drogon accept him, and this is where it might just be me, but I think she might have had one of those moments girls get when they see guys with babies. That total “aww” moment that will make your heart melt and your ovaries stir. Image result for guys with babies meme

Then Jorah came back. I thought that was a bit fast, but again I guess they are running out of episodes. I want Jon and Dany to work so bad, and now Jorah comes in like that awkward ex that comes in from out of town with no idea whats going on. I don’t know how much longer he’ll be around but I hope he doesn’t ever get with Dany. Then after that awkward encounter, Bran tells everybody whats going on, and the maester’s are just not buying it. Sam should have told them his whole story about how he killed one of them. I understand that Sam was frustrated and he has a right to be, but I think I speak for all the fans when I say he should have listened to Gilly! She was telling him some very important things but of course he does not know that yet. I’m really glad that he ran away with Gilly and baby Sam. I also loved his line about how he was tired of reading about the achievements of greater men. Sam is wonderful and I am super excited for him. I think he has great things in store. When he hears about his dad and Dicon, I expect him to be a little sad, but not too sad, because his dad treated him like shit, and Dicon did not really care that much either. So I am so so excited to see Gendry! I honestly thought that he was just forgotten! I also love that his chosen weapon is this huge bad ass hammer. It was great watching him smash those guards. So the other thing that happened in Kings Landing was pretty awkward but I think that Jamie and Tyrion left on decent terms. So its been decided that Jon, Jorah, Tormund, and later the Brotherhood and the hound are going out to fetch a wight for proof for Dany and Cersei. I don’t like this just because I don’t like Jon risking his life again. Although if he can convince both Dragon queen, and incest queen that the threat is real, they might be willing to help. I know Cersei is also up to some shit and that does not make me happy. So the last thing I need to touch on, Sansa and Arya. I knew they would eventually butt heads so I expected this. I hope they can make up soon because with Sansa’s brains and Arya’s strength, they would make a great team. So Little finger is up to some shit, of course. I did not read what that note said that Arya found, and I did that on purpose. I am afraid for Arya though. I just hope she kills little finger before he kills her. Overall this episode left me frustrated. This was one of those episodes to me where they just built up a lot of stuff. Well guys we have the battle of Eastwatch coming up so I will see you then!

S.7 E.4 Game of Thrones!!

Hey guys! So first I want to apologize, I’m posting this a day late. Yesterday got a bit hectic. So yesterday’s episode was exciting, but before I get into it, I will again give my disclosure. I am assuming that if you are reading this you are fully caught up with Game of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW. SPOILERS AHEAD! Now that that’s out of the way, Oh my God you guys!! This episode was just so much. So so much. Bronn and Jamie’s bickering is so cute especially since Jamie has a particular chip on his shoulder at the moment so he’s feeling extra sassy this week. Cersei and the Iron Bank both bore me to tears with their interaction here, although his little snip about “You can count on the Iron Bank’s support, as soon as the gold arrives.” kills me. So when Little finger gave the dagger to Bran, I was a little thrown off, then I realized this is another one of his shady ways of trying to cozy up to the Stark kids. No one likes you Little Finger.

Image result for you can't sit with us meme

So Bran’s interaction with Meera is sad, but he’s right, there’s so little left of “Bran” now, you can’t expect too much. So guys, Arya is back in Winterfell! I thought the reunion with Sansa was perfect. They were a little hesitant at first but I expect that I mean its been years since they have seen each other and they have both been through some shit. So the reunion with Bran was awkward because obviously he’s not really “Bran” anymore and they don’t understand fully whats up with him yet. I loved the way Sansa reacted when Bran brought up the death list. Pure big sister pride right there. The majority of the Stark kids are together though and that’s what matters. So I know I’m stating the obvious here, but Jon and Dany need to do it already and get it over with. The sexual tension is so obvious! I’m still not sure if he will bend the knee or not and while I love the whole king of the North thing, he really will need her help to defeat the Night king. Also the Dragon glass cave was beautiful. So I agree with both Tyrion and Jon that she should not just burn the whole Kingdom down. So the little fight between Brienne and Arya was great, not only was it a good fight, it was also a clear message to Little Finger. Do not fuck with Arya. She will cut your throat with a smile on her face. Alright Reek, formerly known as Theon, I really really hope the writers have something absolutely huge in store for you because if not I really don’t need to see your shameful sad face anymore. So the end scene battle was incredible, and it taught us a few things. One, Dicon did not ask for any of this. He knew some of those men. Assholes -_-. Two, Lord Tarly is a huge ass. Do not flog those guys you piece of crap!! I hope he gets a really painful death not just for this but also for the way he treated his son. Three, Bronn is certainly not getting paid now after his bag of gold was lost in the battle. Four, Lannister men burn like kindling! Oh it was just so awesome! Four, Dragons are not invincible Dany! Pay attention please! I don’t want to lose a dragon this season, I will be pissed. Five and finally, you do NOT under any circumstances charge head first at a girl standing next to a dragon that will either A: eat you or B: burn you to ash where you stand. Jamie is not as smart as I would like to give him credit for sometimes. So last we saw Jamie the idiot he was slowly sinking underwater. I would like to think he will die, because if he’s that stupid he deserves it, but I know better. The writers won’t let that happen just yet. Bronn pushed him in the water and will probably be the one to save him, and then hopefully demand more payment.