S.7 E.3 Game of Thrones!!

Hi guys! So episode 3 aired today. So before I go over anything, I am again giving my disclaimer. If you are reading this, I am assuming you are fully caught up with Game of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW. SPOILERS AHEAD.  Now that that’s out of the way, this episode was troubling. First, we finally see Jon make it to Dragon Stone. I knew that he was not about to bend the knee. I knew they would butt heads but I’m glad Tyrion was there as a kind of mediator so we could at least get the dragon glass. The conversation between Varys and the red bitch was the first thing I found troubling. I don’t like the way she talked to Varys. I hope something “happens” to her on her way to Volantis. Reek got rescued, not that I wanted him to be. I kind of wanted him to drown is his own shame, but then again maybe he will do something super heroic in like the last episode that will change my mind. So as I feared, mama sand snake and her baby were taken to Cersei. The exchanges between Euron and Jamie get more and more funny every time, not that I support Euron, because I don’t, its just funny. Whats not funny is that one of my sand snakes was poisoned and I don’t have much hope of the other making it out of the dungeon. I’m also very upset that Euron has Yara. I hope she lives through this, and kills him, but who knows. I am so over the incest stuff. Cersei is just showing off like that for shock value and its gross. Nobody cares anymore that you’re fucking your brother, they hate you for other things now. This whole Iron bank bullshit pisses me off too. At first I was like, she’s bluffing! She has to be, she is broke as fuck! Then I remembered, shes an absolute cunt who will without batting an eye, rob an entire noble house and everything they have to pay off her debts! R.I.P Lady Ollenna. I love her so much and I’m glad they gave her a dignified off screen death.(Maybe she fooled him and she has another plan?!?!)Sorry, I’m just hopeful. I am glad though that she told Jamie about Joffrey. Little finger is also hopeful but I’m glad to see Sansa is still not having it. I am so glad that Bran made it home! I am still waiting for all the Stark kids (R.I.P Ricon and Rob) to be reunited and maybe have a nice feast. Sansa is totally freaked out by all of Bran’s 3 eyed raven talk. It’s understandable. I am also worried that slime ball Little finger will plot to take out Bran. Then, we learn Sam actually did it! He cured Jorah of his grey scale! I am very happy for the both of them. I am worried that Jamie was right about the taking of Casterly Rock. I don’t want Grey Worm to die. Well guys, this was not the happiest of episodes, but certainly not the saddest (DAMN YOU RED WEDDING!). Let me know, based on the next episodes preview, what are your theories about what will happen next? Bye Guys!


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