S.7 E.2 Game of Thrones!!

Hey guys! So I will again issue my disclaimer, if you are reading this, I am assuming you are fully caught up with the show Game of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW. SPOILERS AHEAD!! So earlier this evening I watched episode 2 of season 7.  I am pissed. For a few reasons, but we will get into that later. So to start us off we have Dany having a heated conversation with Varys about loyalty and he has to set her straight as far as where his lies. I thought she was being a bit hard on him, but then again she’s always a bit rash like that. So after that we meet the red bitch (I mean witch sorry lol) again and I am not happy to see her after what she did the angel that was Shereen. The fact that she brought back Jon still does not bring back Shereen so I’m still salty about it. I’m glad she brings up Jon to Dany though. I think its about time they meet up, I just hope they don’t end up hooking up. So we then go with the raven to Winterfell. I agree with Sansa to a point because they don’t know Dany and it could be a dangerous trip but I agree with Jon more because they need allies and dragon glass. So then its off to see the scum cunt that is Cersei. I hate her so soo much. Her gross attempt at manipulating the lords made me so angry. Jamie went about it a smarter way, but I still don’t like it. Another thing I don’t like is sad Jorah Mormont and his even sadder diagnosis. I’m glad in a way that Sam wants to help, but in a way I don’t want to root for Jorah. He’s a creep. Speaking of creeps, we see maester Pycell plotting against my sweet dragons. Which is reason one why I am pissed. I hate Pycell and all his shady scheming. So now we are back to dragon stone where mama sand snake is being bitchy to my dear friend Tyrion. So Dany has to calm everybody down. My boy Tyrion then tells everyone his great plan once everyone settles down. Go Grey Worm!! Finally getting some! In his own way lol. Really though this is a really sweet scene. Missande and Grey Worm are so cute. Then we go back to Sam who is diligently trying to help poor old Jorah. The surgery scene is gross. I am not the kind of person who can watch something like that. Then just to fuck with us, they cut right to Arya eating a pot pie! Its great but awful. Its great to see Arya’s friend again, he’s a really sweet kid. I am so glad she knows the Starks are back at Winterfell!!!!!!!!!!!  Then we see Jon discuss further the issue of Dragon Stone because now he has received both ravens from Tyrion and Sam. Which leads to him obviously deciding to put Sansa in charge while he’s away. This is fine until you see Little fingers disgusting smile!! Ughh!! Shady, creepy, motherfucker!! Kill him already!!! Jon comes close to killing him but doesn’t follow through. He just threatens to kill him if he touches Sansa. I’m also sad because this means Jon will not get to see Arya when she gets home, but Arya will hopefully kill little finger when she gets home. She’s been around enough to know he’s up to no good, and she does not put up with bull shit. Then, Nymeria. This scene had me in tears. I was so sad she didn’t join Arya. I was also kind of proud to see she had her own pack now, and I hope they will come back into play to help against the walkers later. Then our final scene. So first of all, I was really excited to see our mama sand snake almost hook up with one of my personal favorites, Yara. Then the show was quick to turn around and say “hey fuck you guys, here’s a sea battle scene!” NOO!!!!! THEY KILLED MY SAND SNAKES. At least two of them. One of which was my favorite. Then they took mama sand snake and the youngest of them. I think they will either be raped and killed or sent to Cersei to be tortured and killed. Whats worse than that though, is that Reek (he has lost the right to be called Theon.) let me down again. Instead of coming to his beautiful sisters aid when their uncle was about to cut her throat, he jumps in the ocean. Fuck that, Reek. If you made it through all that, thanks for reading guys!


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