S.7 E.1 Game Of Thrones!!

First of all, I am writing this on the assumption that you are caught up and current in the show Game Of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW! SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Now that I got that out of the way, lets talk about the episode. First, in the intro, we see that Arya Stark has taken the face of Waldo Frey, in order to gather all the Frey men in one spot and poison them all to death! It was possibly the best intro they have ever done. SOO SATISFYING!! YASS GIRRL!! It was beautiful. It made me so happy, but to me it still does not make up for the red wedding. I literally stopped watching the show for 3 months after I saw the red wedding. BECAUSE FUCK THAT SHIT. So, I’m happy but still not happy. So then after our theme song, we get a really slow shot of the army of the dead. It made me very sad only because I saw at least 3 giants among them. I loved the giants, and I also wondered why did you guys not burn the giants bodies?!! You knew this could happen! Then we saw Bran finally make it to the wall. That makes me happy because he’s one step closer to reuniting with his siblings. We then saw Sansa argue with John in front of everybody about who gets the houses of the traitorous families of the north. I agree with John that its not the fault of the kids that their parents were traitors. Then they give us the long awaited conversation between Jamie and Cersei since she essentially destroyed their whole family. He was, naturally ticked and smart enough to tell her, hey, you screwed everybody over, now we have no allies and were shit outta luck. Then she says, no wait! I’ve got a slimy Greyjoy to help us! Jamie did not get along with our slimy friend Euron. Neither did I. He’s gross and honestly I would have her be with her brother before being with him. I’m glad she declined his proposal, but now I’m concerned because he said he was bringing her a gift and I thought OH SHIT HES GOING AFTER TYRION!!! Fuck this guy, and fuck Cersei is all I can say on that. Then we finally get to see my old buddy Sam! I’m really happy about that until they take 5 minutes to show us how gross his daily life actually is. Poor Sam. He’s just trying to help kill white walkers, and he just gets stuck cleaning bed pans. Eww. Then we see Little Finger creeping on Sansa and she just shuts him the fuck down. Its great. I am so done with Little Finger, Arya just needs to kill him already. Then we see Arya again with Ed Sheeran of course, singing a song. I really did not like the idea of her chilling with some Lannister men, but I think she can handle herself. Then the hound! Its good to see him again. We meet him at the house of the man he robbed a few seasons ago and its very fucking sad to see the man and his daughters corpses huddled in a corner, then out of guilt he later buries them. The important thing to this scene is that now the hound knows about the army of the dead. Everyone needs to know people. This is important shit. So we then go back to Sam because he has found out about the Dragon glass mine in Dragon stone and needs to tell John about it asap. Then we get a peek at our old friend zoned buddy Jorah Mormont and his increasingly bad grey scale. Its gross. Plus he’s just sad. He’s kind of a creep though so I don’t feel too bad for him. So now we are finally landing at Dragon Stone. It’s big, beautiful and oppressive. I love it. Of course, I was sad that it ended there, but it is what it is. I did see the sneak peak but I won’t be writing about that, I’ll save that for the episode itself. Overall, I loved the episode and it left me wanting more as always. Until next time, bye guys!


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