New Furniture, and GOT!!!

Hey guys! So today I thought I would give you guys an update on things. Work is more stressful than ever, but that’s to be expected. In happy news, we bought new living room furniture today! It won’t be delivered until Friday, so we still have a few days to get ready.  We got a new couch, a matching chair, and a set of a coffee table and two end tables. I feel like we got a really good deal too. We looked at a couple different sets, the first one was leather and looked really nice but felt really stiff to me. I don’t mean that it was uncomfortable, it just didn’t give a very welcoming vibe. I also was just not very comfortable with leather. I’ve always been against using or wearing leather or fur. It also did not help that the leather set was about 3 times more expensive than the other set (Probably because it was leather lol). I’m really excited about new furniture, especially the new couch because ours is so beat up. According to Tommy, he’s had our current couch for about 15 years, and it is certainly showing its age now. I’m also really glad we were able to get new coffee/end tables because the tables we have now(that were picked out by his ex)  are poor quality and just tacky in general. This may sound silly or selfish but I’m also just really glad to get the old stuff out and put in new stuff that we picked out together. It just helps me feel like the house is more “ours” and not just “his and formerly someone-else’s”. So I’m really happy about it, and I’m also really happy that Game Of Thrones is coming back in just 2 days!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure if I’ve talked about it before, but I am a HUGE GOT fan. Specifically I am a huge Peter Dinklage fan. He plays Tyrion Lannister and he is brilliant and beautiful. I will insert a pic of him if you are not familiar.


Every Sunday now, I will be writing about my feelings on how the episode of Game Of Thrones went, so be aware of spoilers! Well that’s all I have for tonight guys. Bye!


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