Hey guys! I hope all of you in the U.S. had a good July 4th! I did lol I basically chilled at home all day, it was great. That night got stressful though, just because the neighbors were setting off huge fireworks and I feared for my house and the tarp on our car lol. So when they started the fireworks we took the car just cruising around town for a couple hours. Luckily when we got back everything was still in one piece. I did read in our local news the next morning though that, sadly, someone did have their home burned down accidentally by what the neighbors described as “loud explosions” (aka fireworks). It was really sad but luckily there were no people in the house at the time. So in other news, I’m really glad I’m off work tomorrow, because today was pretty rough. It doesn’t help that my new schedule is all spazzy but hopefully this will push me to manage my time a bit better. Well tomorrow we will be doing some Pokemon hunting and I will be back then. Bye Guys!


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