Happy July 4th!

Hi guys! So happy Independence Day if you’re here in the United States! July 4th is typically thought of as life a fun holiday, with grilled meats and fireworks galore. While that is the case for most people, I have actually come to not like this holiday as much. This is not because I don’t like my country, I do (although I am very very disappointed that they elected a fascist oompa loompa to be president -_-) but my actual reason for disliking this holiday comes down to anxiety. I live in a town in West Virginia. A state known for its “Pride” you could say. I don’t want to dog anybody, but the idea of drunk people and small children handling exploding, or flaming things around anything of mine makes me sick with anxiety. I can’t recall if it was last year or the year before last, but one time of our neighbors got carried away with their fireworks and their roof caught fire a little. I can see how that would not seem like such a big deal for me, but the reason I worry is that all the houses in this neighborhood are right on top on each other. Like I could reach out my kitchen window and touch my neighbors house almost. So the nightmare of their roof catching fire and then ours, gave me a heart attack. Thank the goddess it didn’t happen like that. The point I’m trying to make is, have fun with your burgers and beers, but please please, be safe with your fireworks! Have a good holiday! Bye Guys!


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