S.7 E.3 Game of Thrones!!

Hi guys! So episode 3 aired today. So before I go over anything, I am again giving my disclaimer. If you are reading this, I am assuming you are fully caught up with Game of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW. SPOILERS AHEAD.  Now that that’s out of the way, this episode was troubling. First, we finally see Jon make it to Dragon Stone. I knew that he was not about to bend the knee. I knew they would butt heads but I’m glad Tyrion was there as a kind of mediator so we could at least get the dragon glass. The conversation between Varys and the red bitch was the first thing I found troubling. I don’t like the way she talked to Varys. I hope something “happens” to her on her way to Volantis. Reek got rescued, not that I wanted him to be. I kind of wanted him to drown is his own shame, but then again maybe he will do something super heroic in like the last episode that will change my mind. So as I feared, mama sand snake and her baby were taken to Cersei. The exchanges between Euron and Jamie get more and more funny every time, not that I support Euron, because I don’t, its just funny. Whats not funny is that one of my sand snakes was poisoned and I don’t have much hope of the other making it out of the dungeon. I’m also very upset that Euron has Yara. I hope she lives through this, and kills him, but who knows. I am so over the incest stuff. Cersei is just showing off like that for shock value and its gross. Nobody cares anymore that you’re fucking your brother, they hate you for other things now. This whole Iron bank bullshit pisses me off too. At first I was like, she’s bluffing! She has to be, she is broke as fuck! Then I remembered, shes an absolute cunt who will without batting an eye, rob an entire noble house and everything they have to pay off her debts! R.I.P Lady Ollenna. I love her so much and I’m glad they gave her a dignified off screen death.(Maybe she fooled him and she has another plan?!?!)Sorry, I’m just hopeful. I am glad though that she told Jamie about Joffrey. Little finger is also hopeful but I’m glad to see Sansa is still not having it. I am so glad that Bran made it home! I am still waiting for all the Stark kids (R.I.P Ricon and Rob) to be reunited and maybe have a nice feast. Sansa is totally freaked out by all of Bran’s 3 eyed raven talk. It’s understandable. I am also worried that slime ball Little finger will plot to take out Bran. Then, we learn Sam actually did it! He cured Jorah of his grey scale! I am very happy for the both of them. I am worried that Jamie was right about the taking of Casterly Rock. I don’t want Grey Worm to die. Well guys, this was not the happiest of episodes, but certainly not the saddest (DAMN YOU RED WEDDING!). Let me know, based on the next episodes preview, what are your theories about what will happen next? Bye Guys!



Hey guys! So I already posted my blog I usually do on Wednesdays, but I wanted to do this post as well because there has been some important news announced here in the U.S. today. I am absolutely livid. So today, #NotMyPresident Trump, announced he is banning all trans-gendered people from being in the U.S. Military. This is beyond ridiculous. I mean, I’m still upset that “my” country would allow such a joke to be elected in the first place, let alone continue to screw over this country more and more every day with his bigotry, sexism, and general hate and stupidity. This is pure discrimination. Open and blatant discrimination. I don’t want to rant to you guys for too long, so I’m going to leave you guys with the link to a petition against this. I hope you consider signing.


K-Pop Song of the Week!

Hey guys! So today’s K-pop song is Wine by Suran ft. Changmo. I just discovered it today actually and I love it! This is a great song with that kind of hip hop beat that you can just rock to. Having that paired with her sweet voice is just awesome. Like Mariah Carey (but better) if your familiar. I apologize I could not find an actual music video for this song, but the video I did find at least has a picture of her with the lyrics lol. Enjoy!

S.7 E.2 Game of Thrones!!

Hey guys! So I will again issue my disclaimer, if you are reading this, I am assuming you are fully caught up with the show Game of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW. SPOILERS AHEAD!! So earlier this evening I watched episode 2 of season 7.  I am pissed. For a few reasons, but we will get into that later. So to start us off we have Dany having a heated conversation with Varys about loyalty and he has to set her straight as far as where his lies. I thought she was being a bit hard on him, but then again she’s always a bit rash like that. So after that we meet the red bitch (I mean witch sorry lol) again and I am not happy to see her after what she did the angel that was Shereen. The fact that she brought back Jon still does not bring back Shereen so I’m still salty about it. I’m glad she brings up Jon to Dany though. I think its about time they meet up, I just hope they don’t end up hooking up. So we then go with the raven to Winterfell. I agree with Sansa to a point because they don’t know Dany and it could be a dangerous trip but I agree with Jon more because they need allies and dragon glass. So then its off to see the scum cunt that is Cersei. I hate her so soo much. Her gross attempt at manipulating the lords made me so angry. Jamie went about it a smarter way, but I still don’t like it. Another thing I don’t like is sad Jorah Mormont and his even sadder diagnosis. I’m glad in a way that Sam wants to help, but in a way I don’t want to root for Jorah. He’s a creep. Speaking of creeps, we see maester Pycell plotting against my sweet dragons. Which is reason one why I am pissed. I hate Pycell and all his shady scheming. So now we are back to dragon stone where mama sand snake is being bitchy to my dear friend Tyrion. So Dany has to calm everybody down. My boy Tyrion then tells everyone his great plan once everyone settles down. Go Grey Worm!! Finally getting some! In his own way lol. Really though this is a really sweet scene. Missande and Grey Worm are so cute. Then we go back to Sam who is diligently trying to help poor old Jorah. The surgery scene is gross. I am not the kind of person who can watch something like that. Then just to fuck with us, they cut right to Arya eating a pot pie! Its great but awful. Its great to see Arya’s friend again, he’s a really sweet kid. I am so glad she knows the Starks are back at Winterfell!!!!!!!!!!!  Then we see Jon discuss further the issue of Dragon Stone because now he has received both ravens from Tyrion and Sam. Which leads to him obviously deciding to put Sansa in charge while he’s away. This is fine until you see Little fingers disgusting smile!! Ughh!! Shady, creepy, motherfucker!! Kill him already!!! Jon comes close to killing him but doesn’t follow through. He just threatens to kill him if he touches Sansa. I’m also sad because this means Jon will not get to see Arya when she gets home, but Arya will hopefully kill little finger when she gets home. She’s been around enough to know he’s up to no good, and she does not put up with bull shit. Then, Nymeria. This scene had me in tears. I was so sad she didn’t join Arya. I was also kind of proud to see she had her own pack now, and I hope they will come back into play to help against the walkers later. Then our final scene. So first of all, I was really excited to see our mama sand snake almost hook up with one of my personal favorites, Yara. Then the show was quick to turn around and say “hey fuck you guys, here’s a sea battle scene!” NOO!!!!! THEY KILLED MY SAND SNAKES. At least two of them. One of which was my favorite. Then they took mama sand snake and the youngest of them. I think they will either be raped and killed or sent to Cersei to be tortured and killed. Whats worse than that though, is that Reek (he has lost the right to be called Theon.) let me down again. Instead of coming to his beautiful sisters aid when their uncle was about to cut her throat, he jumps in the ocean. Fuck that, Reek. If you made it through all that, thanks for reading guys!

K-Pop Song of the Week!

Hey guys! Sorry I’m a bit late with this post, we had an emergency in the house yesterday so I completely forgot lol. So this weeks K-Pop song is the first comeback song from one of my personal favorite groups EXO! This is Ko Ko Bop by EXO. At first I did not know how I felt about their new “summer” sound but its grown on me, plus its EXO so I’m automatically going to give it another shot. After listening to it a few times I really like it. I hope you guys like it too!

S.7 E.1 Game Of Thrones!!

First of all, I am writing this on the assumption that you are caught up and current in the show Game Of Thrones. If you are not, STOP READING NOW! SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Now that I got that out of the way, lets talk about the episode. First, in the intro, we see that Arya Stark has taken the face of Waldo Frey, in order to gather all the Frey men in one spot and poison them all to death! It was possibly the best intro they have ever done. SOO SATISFYING!! YASS GIRRL!! It was beautiful. It made me so happy, but to me it still does not make up for the red wedding. I literally stopped watching the show for 3 months after I saw the red wedding. BECAUSE FUCK THAT SHIT. So, I’m happy but still not happy. So then after our theme song, we get a really slow shot of the army of the dead. It made me very sad only because I saw at least 3 giants among them. I loved the giants, and I also wondered why did you guys not burn the giants bodies?!! You knew this could happen! Then we saw Bran finally make it to the wall. That makes me happy because he’s one step closer to reuniting with his siblings. We then saw Sansa argue with John in front of everybody about who gets the houses of the traitorous families of the north. I agree with John that its not the fault of the kids that their parents were traitors. Then they give us the long awaited conversation between Jamie and Cersei since she essentially destroyed their whole family. He was, naturally ticked and smart enough to tell her, hey, you screwed everybody over, now we have no allies and were shit outta luck. Then she says, no wait! I’ve got a slimy Greyjoy to help us! Jamie did not get along with our slimy friend Euron. Neither did I. He’s gross and honestly I would have her be with her brother before being with him. I’m glad she declined his proposal, but now I’m concerned because he said he was bringing her a gift and I thought OH SHIT HES GOING AFTER TYRION!!! Fuck this guy, and fuck Cersei is all I can say on that. Then we finally get to see my old buddy Sam! I’m really happy about that until they take 5 minutes to show us how gross his daily life actually is. Poor Sam. He’s just trying to help kill white walkers, and he just gets stuck cleaning bed pans. Eww. Then we see Little Finger creeping on Sansa and she just shuts him the fuck down. Its great. I am so done with Little Finger, Arya just needs to kill him already. Then we see Arya again with Ed Sheeran of course, singing a song. I really did not like the idea of her chilling with some Lannister men, but I think she can handle herself. Then the hound! Its good to see him again. We meet him at the house of the man he robbed a few seasons ago and its very fucking sad to see the man and his daughters corpses huddled in a corner, then out of guilt he later buries them. The important thing to this scene is that now the hound knows about the army of the dead. Everyone needs to know people. This is important shit. So we then go back to Sam because he has found out about the Dragon glass mine in Dragon stone and needs to tell John about it asap. Then we get a peek at our old friend zoned buddy Jorah Mormont and his increasingly bad grey scale. Its gross. Plus he’s just sad. He’s kind of a creep though so I don’t feel too bad for him. So now we are finally landing at Dragon Stone. It’s big, beautiful and oppressive. I love it. Of course, I was sad that it ended there, but it is what it is. I did see the sneak peak but I won’t be writing about that, I’ll save that for the episode itself. Overall, I loved the episode and it left me wanting more as always. Until next time, bye guys!

New Furniture, and GOT!!!

Hey guys! So today I thought I would give you guys an update on things. Work is more stressful than ever, but that’s to be expected. In happy news, we bought new living room furniture today! It won’t be delivered until Friday, so we still have a few days to get ready.  We got a new couch, a matching chair, and a set of a coffee table and two end tables. I feel like we got a really good deal too. We looked at a couple different sets, the first one was leather and looked really nice but felt really stiff to me. I don’t mean that it was uncomfortable, it just didn’t give a very welcoming vibe. I also was just not very comfortable with leather. I’ve always been against using or wearing leather or fur. It also did not help that the leather set was about 3 times more expensive than the other set (Probably because it was leather lol). I’m really excited about new furniture, especially the new couch because ours is so beat up. According to Tommy, he’s had our current couch for about 15 years, and it is certainly showing its age now. I’m also really glad we were able to get new coffee/end tables because the tables we have now(that were picked out by his ex)  are poor quality and just tacky in general. This may sound silly or selfish but I’m also just really glad to get the old stuff out and put in new stuff that we picked out together. It just helps me feel like the house is more “ours” and not just “his and formerly someone-else’s”. So I’m really happy about it, and I’m also really happy that Game Of Thrones is coming back in just 2 days!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure if I’ve talked about it before, but I am a HUGE GOT fan. Specifically I am a huge Peter Dinklage fan. He plays Tyrion Lannister and he is brilliant and beautiful. I will insert a pic of him if you are not familiar.


Every Sunday now, I will be writing about my feelings on how the episode of Game Of Thrones went, so be aware of spoilers! Well that’s all I have for tonight guys. Bye!