Personal Day

Hey guys! So today we were supposed to go to work. We started the day doing some yard work and cleaning off the bike since we have some time before work now. Everything was going fine until as I was trimming some hedges, a branch came into my face, leaving a splinter directly under my eye, and coming close to blinding me. (Yes I know people normally wear safety goggles when working outside) So I had to run inside and clean this wound, and then pull the splinter out from under my eye (sorry if that’s TMI). Then on top of that, as I’m cleaning myself up, Tommy goes to ride the motorcycle around to the front yard and crashes to the gravel. Thank goodness he wasn’t hurt, and the bike wasn’t hurt, but he was still pretty upset about it. So after that, I was pretty much dreading going to work and dealing with the day so I checked our work’s like attendance website, and it showed there was some free time to take today. So I took it in a heartbeat. So we were able to relax for a bit. Then we went and played Pokemon go with a couple of our friends. It was lots of fun. Well tomorrow we have no excuse to stay home lol. So I will let you know how work goes. Bye!


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