Hey guys! So today was pretty stressful just because I felt like I did not get one straight forward call at work today, also I probably got one nice person out of the 50 I spoke to. It’s really hard some days dealing with all of the negativity. The good thing is, I started a new puzzle today. Its this beautiful Alice in Wonderland puzzle, its lots of fun. The only thing I had to work with is that, on the package it said it had easy grip pieces which I thought meant like textured pieces. It actually meant enormous pieces, like huge ones. I almost did not have enough room on my desk at work to fit the whole thing.  I do have all the edge pieces put together though and it fits pretty nicely. The other good thing about today is that it was our Friday. It sucks though because with our schedule changing this week we only get Sunday off, but its better than nothing. It will be good to have at least one day off with all the stress we have had lately. Well guys, I think that’s all I have for today, I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye!


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