Sad Balloon..

Hey guys! So today I am a little all over the place. First of all, its getting to be that time of the month where my emotions start spiraling out of whack before my period comes crashing in, so there’s that. Then, we heard back from the loan agent today. It was not the news we were hoping for, it was not good news at all actually. We were hoping that, best case scenario, they would give us enough to get the new house. Worst case scenario, they would give us just enough to pay off and do some repairs to this house. As I should have expected, we cannot afford the new house. They will not give us a loan that’s even big enough to pay off and repair this house. We qualify for just enough to pay off the house with about 10 grand leftover, so yes it would be payed for, but it would also remain in crap shape. I jokingly suggested to Tommy that we pay off the house and use the leftover money to take a trip to Tokyo. He thought I was joking, but seriously, I would love to do that lol. I would love to get something fun out of all this stress. So we’re not sure what to do about the house as of yet. Also, my health issue that’s recently came about is persisting and possibly getting worse. On top of everything, people were just jerks on the phone today. That’s never fun. So all in all today really took the wind right out of me. I felt literally deflated as I was leaving work today. Like a sad balloon. I didn’t mean to bring you guys down lol that’s just where I’m at today. So tomorrow is big money trivia, and I’m really excited but also nervous. Well guys I will get back with you tomorrow. Bye!


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