Hey guys! So today we looked at the house again. I love it. He really likes it, but he’s still torn just because of his sentimental ties to this house. We actually took the next step and spoke to someone at a bank about what kind of loan we could get and an estimate of what our monthly payments would look like. We don’t have any solid numbers yet, she has to get back to us. Basically we have decided that based on what she says, if we can afford it, we’ll do it, if not we’ll just basically fix everything in this house lol. I really hope we can afford the new house though, just because we can fix the house all we want, but we can’t fix the neighborhood. Either way its left us pretty stressed out lol. It also does not help that I have had a possible health issue recently. I won’t go into details but I definitely have to see a doctor which is also stressful. We have work tomorrow and then we have the big trivia tournament Saturday. That is actually being held in town which is great because while we love an out of town trip, we definitely need to save money which is impossible if we go out of town lol. Its a lot less stress too. We did not end up going to trivia today just because our friends were busy and we’re better as a team so we just decided to skip it. We still had a good evening though. We are officially caught up on the Ash Vs. Evil Dead on Starz. Its a great show. Well guys its gotten pretty late here, so I’m headed to bed. I’ll keep you updated on the house situation. Bye!


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