Hey guys! So today was a pretty average day at work. So in between calls Tommy and I spent some time discussing the new house thing. He keeps going back to how much cheaper and easier it would be to not move, and I realize this, but no matter how many repairs we do to the house, we can’t fix the neighborhood. The whole reason we are moving is that we cannot trust the neighborhood anymore. He just has a connection with the house and keeps clinging to it. He says we can pay this house off in five years and then move, but in my opinion it’s pointless to throw down another 50 grand on a house you won’t be staying in long term. I also just don’t want to wait five years to start a family, or make bigger plans. I understand sentimental value, but I also know how heartbroken he would be if some junkie broke into the house and stole one of his guitars. I’m not trying to dog my BF, I’m just frustrated about the whole situation lol. So for now we are in the same stalemate about the house thing. In other more positive news, tomorrow is the beer and tater tots festival! I don’t care about the beer, but I love tater tots with a passion. I also love any excuse to go to Columbus. (I also will take any chance to get off work lol) Well guys I have to be up early because its a pretty long drive, so I’m headed to bed, but I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow. Bye!


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