Hey guys! So today was the last day of our weekend, which is pretty sad. I also experienced some other sad things. I can’t recall if I told you guys about this yet, but in our front yard we have a huge bush that was planted several years ago. A couple days ago we noticed that one of the main inner branches had been broke and a third of the whole plant was broken off or torn down. At first we thought it was the neighborhood kids trying to climb in it. We were super pissed. Today one of the kids told Tommy that it was not actually them, but the ADULTS that were riding ATV’s up our sidewalk, were yanking on our plant as they rode by. WTF?!?! Seriously, a grown person who supposedly has a fully formed brain should know not to do that. I mean why would you do that? Especially to something that clearly does not belong to you. I actually should not be surprised though based on the fact that they are driving ATV’s on the fucking sidewalk. For one its illegal, for two, what if they run into one of our cars or a person? They also must be too new around here to know that Tommy will not hesitate to put them straight. He has already had to call the cops about the ATV’s. Also today he had to call the cops because there was a man skulking around our alley clearly casing the houses. Every day I stay in this house I get more nervous. Whats even more sad is that it’s not just this neighborhood. It’s the whole town. On our drive home from trivia today, a car in front of us literally threw an entire Styrofoam container full of leftover food out of their window. Spilling the food and plastic silverware all over the road. I lost my shit. If the car was not moving I would have gotten out and said something. They were turning in front of us and as they turned Tommy shouted some obscenities at them. Given the situation that was the most we could do. It probably won’t change their minds about not using trash cans, but we felt something needed to be said. I understand there are some good people in the world, but it’s getting hard to see them through all the garbage. This world is full of so many different forms of ugliness. I don’t mean appearance obviously, I mean hatefulness, lack of respect for your planet, for your neighbors, for anything in general. I’m sure the people that don’t care about anything have a lot less worries and stress, but you have to think, that’s only because they are putting stress and worry on everyone else around them. It’s just really upsetting. It’s even more upsetting knowing that I can’t really do anything about it. I do my part the best I can, I don’t litter, I follow the laws, and report when others don’t. I sign dozens of petitions regularly to try to make things better for women, children, animals, and the world in general. I guess the point of this today is be the beauty you want to see in the world. Bye guys!


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