House Hunt

Hey guys! So first, an update on the house situation. House #1 was a dream. I loved it. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Tommy loved everything except the bad laminate flooring. It sucks because you could tell the laminate was new, but it just looked so bad. The good thing about it is, according to our agent, the sellers are really eager to sell so they will be more flexible with the price so maybe we can get it for a better price to figure in actual hardwood. Plus we have already had more trouble with the new neighbors. It’s ridiculous. So house #2 has been eliminated. First of all, the address led us and our agents on a wild goose chase. The address could have been confused for 3 different places in Huntington. The actual place ended up being in a nice little neighborhood in the middle of nowhere lol. The roads getting there were horrible. That automatically ruled it out for Tommy. We were taking a big risk for the car with those roads. Then when we got to the actual house, it was a lot smaller than in the photos. In the photos it looked cozy, but not small. It was pretty small. The house was very pretty, but it was so cramped. Plus there was not a bedroom big enough for Tommy’s amps and guitars. So while it was pretty, there were way too many complications. I really love house #1. I really hope that Tommy will be serious about this house. I want to make a move on it as soon as possible. I’m also just afraid that something crazy is going to happen with these awful neighbors at our current house. Like they will crash one of their ATV’s into our car, or get high and break into our house. I just want to move asap.  Other than that, today was pretty good. I’m also really excited for Tommy and I’s anniversary dinner tomorrow. Well guys, I’m headed to bed now, I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye!


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