Tough Choices

Hey guys! So last night we had a bit of an adventure in our neighborhood. I won’t go into details but needless to say someone almost got arrested and we were up until almost 4 in the morning speaking with cops and the neighbors. So at this point Tommy has certainly (I hope) decided it is time to find a new house(I decided a long time ago). This neighborhood has gotten way out hand. So at this point in the house search we have it narrowed down to two houses. One costs more, is in a better location, but has only a 1 car garage and 1 less bedroom than the other. The other is bigger in general, costs less, is in a worse location, has a 2 car garage, and a bigger yard. Most of these issues are pretty flexible but the thing I’m having trouble with is the location. House number 1 is in a prime location, but we would be paying for it. House number 2 is in a crap neighborhood, but is a fabulous house. Its tough because the whole point in us moving is to move up in neighborhood quality lol. So we are going to contact our realtor and take a better look at both houses. Maybe house 2’s neighborhood has improved since I was last there. Hopefully. In a bit of positive news, Tommy made today’s paper! They took a picture of him and our friend Luke at the Con yesterday. It was so cute. Well guys I will leave you on that happy note, and I will be back tomorrow. Bye!



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