Hey guys! So today was Tricon! That’s our local comic convention. It was awesome. It started at 10 a.m. but we made it there around 1. I got to a late start today because today was my least favorite day of the month lol. So when we got there it was packed. There were a ton of people in really cool costumes and lots of good vendors. We got a pretty amazing haul. I will post photos of everything. You’ll have to excuse the quality of some of the pics, I took them with my crappy camera built into my Chromebook lol. So to break it down, Tommy got: 3 Gundam models to build, clippers to help build the models, a Mega man print, a signed silver surfer print, a huge millennium falcon toy, a Captain America Civil War hardcover book, A Q-Bert game for Nintendo, and 3 little figures from the Five Nights At Freddies game. I got this epic Star Trek shirt, These 2 loose Star Trek Next Generation figures of Riker, and Captain Picard. They are both pose-able, Riker has a button and a speaker so I’m assuming that he will talk if I get him fresh batteries. Although I cleaned out his battery space earlier,and even after I took out the old batteries and cleaned it out really well it was still kind of rusty, so it might still not work, who knows. Picard has a button that when you push it, his arm moves back and forth which leads me to believe he once had a weapon to swing around. I got these two in-box Star Trek Next Gen figures of Guinan, and Captain Picard as Galen from the episode Gambit. I got a tiny Wonder Woman figure, and last but not least, I got these two great Harry Potter Prints, one of Severus Snape and one of Sirius Black, my two favorite men in the whole series. Overall we spent a ton of money lol but it was worth it. Afterward we had Chinese food for dinner then came home. Then for the rest of the evening, Tommy built this adorable Bear! Well guys today was super fun. I am heading to bed now, I will be back tomorrow, Bye!

Megaman, Severus Snape, and Sirius Black
Tricon Loot!
Two cuties!

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