I get so emotional Baby

Hey guys! So as a warning I wanted to let you guys know, I’ll be talking about some personal stuff today, just an FYI. So today I’ve been doing some pretty deep thinking. This happens to me every month around this time, just before my period. I have a couple weeks where I’m super sensitive to everything around me and think a lot deeper about everything. Today I’ve come to appreciate that. Normally its annoying that I spend so much time in my head, and get upset so easily. Today I’ve learned that these days are really crucial to my everyday survival on a normal day. On a normal day I don’t think about deep emotional stuff usually, I’m just trying to get through the day. I try to brush things off normally and I’ve learned that its because of days like today that I can do that. I don’t think its just hormones, I think at some point all my stress and worries build up and need somewhere to go. For example, I was reading local news reports of all the shootings and overdoses that have been happening in my town recently, and I then spent a couple hours just contemplating moving to a better place and researching safer cities in West Virginia. Normally this is just something I think in passing and move on. Then on the drive home, after all the stress at work and just watching the people in our town out my window, I just cried. I’m not ashamed. I’m a firm believer that having a good cry is good for you. It also did not help that Tommy was playing particularly sad music. That’s also one of the things I’m super sensitive to. That can be good and bad. Like if its a super catchy fun song, I’ll be dancing in my seat, but if its a sad or slow song I will just lose it. Then when we got home it was about 11 p.m. our time, and our new neighbors had one of their hundred children outside riding a go-kart and cursing up a storm. At 11 p.m.. This kid was probably no more that 5 years old. -_- All I could think of is, I don’t want my future children having anything to do with kids like this. Which in our town means homeschooling, or private religious schools. I would choose homeschooling in a heartbeat. This is also an example of something I ponder in passing, but made a firm choice on tonight. Thank you neighbors, you’re bad parenting has made my decision easier. Well guys tomorrow is Comicon, and I am super excited, so I’m heading to bed now, I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow, Bye!


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