Wonder Woman!

Hey guys! So today was a pretty productive day. Which surprised me because I did not actually wake up until 1 p.m.. It wasn’t because I was being lazy this time lol I took some nighttime medicine because I’ve been feeling like crap lately. I’m pretty sure its a cold, but a pretty bad one. Anyways, so today was actually pretty busy. First we did a ton of yard work. I trimmed the insane hedges, pulled a ton of weeds, and did some general cleaning. Tommy mowed the front yard, and cleaned up a bunch of stuff in the backyard. Then after that we had dinner at Max and Erma’s. They have a special that they do every Thursday, where you can get a classic cheeseburger and endless fries for 5 USD. It was really good, but it made me realize I don’t really care for red meat. I don’t usually eat a lot of it anyway because it gives me stomach trouble, but I’ve learned I don’t much care for the taste either. I guess that’s a good thing lol. So after we finished our food, normally it would be around that time (7 p.m.) that we would go to our normal Thursday Trivia. Today instead of trivia, we went to see the new Wonder Woman movie. It was excellent! It was by far the best DC movie I have seen in a long time. I love Wonder Woman regardless, she has always been my favorite Superhero, but I think they were really on point with the movie. If you have not seen it yet, I definitely recommend it. So after we left the movie, it was such a nice night that we were just able to ride the motorcycle around for a bit. It was a lot of fun. So we have to go to work tomorrow, but it’s still on the weird late schedule so it’s not that big a deal to stay up late. It’s 2 a.m. right now where we are. I’m not really tired but I know that if I don’t go to bed soon I’ll regret it tomorrow. So I’ll be back tomorrow, bye guys!


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