K-Pop Song of the Week!!!

So guys I am super excited about this weeks song, it just came out a few days ago and I am obsessed! Also just wanted to say, Rose is looking good with the new hair color! This is the new song by BlackPink titled “As If It’s Your Last”. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!


Personal Day

Hey guys! So today we were supposed to go to work. We started the day doing some yard work and cleaning off the bike since we have some time before work now. Everything was going fine until as I was trimming some hedges, a branch came into my face, leaving a splinter directly under my eye, and coming close to blinding me. (Yes I know people normally wear safety goggles when working outside) So I had to run inside and clean this wound, and then pull the splinter out from under my eye (sorry if that’s TMI). Then on top of that, as I’m cleaning myself up, Tommy goes to ride the motorcycle around to the front yard and crashes to the gravel. Thank goodness he wasn’t hurt, and the bike wasn’t hurt, but he was still pretty upset about it. So after that, I was pretty much dreading going to work and dealing with the day so I checked our work’s like attendance website, and it showed there was some free time to take today. So I took it in a heartbeat. So we were able to relax for a bit. Then we went and played Pokemon go with a couple of our friends. It was lots of fun. Well tomorrow we have no excuse to stay home lol. So I will let you know how work goes. Bye!


Hey guys! So today was the first day of our new schedule. The first thing we did, was before work, we finally got to eat at the new Pho restaurant in town! We have been waiting weeks for it to open and they opened a couple days ago but we were just able to go today. The food was really good. I had noodles with pork and veggies. I would have had actual Pho soup but I was having soup later and didn’t want soup twice in one day. They have a shrimp Pho that I’ll try next time. Then when we got to work the whole day seemed to fall apart. People on the phone were completely crazy, the day dragged on forever it seemed. Then I got stuck on a call right at midnight. It was ridiculous. Everything’s better now that I’ve been home for a while. I definitely have to get used to not getting home from work until 12:30. It’s going to be rough but hopefully I can stick it out. I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


Hey guys! So today was our only day off in our schedule change. I thought we were just going to have a chill day, maybe go Pokemon hunting in the park or something, but I was pleasantly surprised when Tommy woke me up to inform me, our friends were going to be grilling food and swimming in their pool and we were invited! It was so much fun. I think for the first time in my life I did not get a sunburn after swimming. That is shocking to me lol because all my life my pasty white skin has managed to always burn and never tan despite the copious amounts of sunscreen I always use. It was super fun and once it got a little later we stayed to watch a documentary that was pretty interesting. It was a good thing we went to the mall a few days ago and picked up a bathing suite for me. The one I went with is super cute and the top actually has support wiring like a legitimate bra so I was super happy about that. If you are a lady with a larger chest like myself, you would understand its hard to find bathing suit tops that fit, let alone support me properly. Well guys I have got to get a shower because after years of not being in a pool, and shaving just a couple hours before getting in said pool, my skin in quite irritated and needs some TLC. Bye!


Hey guys! So today was pretty stressful just because I felt like I did not get one straight forward call at work today, also I probably got one nice person out of the 50 I spoke to. It’s really hard some days dealing with all of the negativity. The good thing is, I started a new puzzle today. Its this beautiful Alice in Wonderland puzzle, its lots of fun. The only thing I had to work with is that, on the package it said it had easy grip pieces which I thought meant like textured pieces. It actually meant enormous pieces, like huge ones. I almost did not have enough room on my desk at work to fit the whole thing.  I do have all the edge pieces put together though and it fits pretty nicely. The other good thing about today is that it was our Friday. It sucks though because with our schedule changing this week we only get Sunday off, but its better than nothing. It will be good to have at least one day off with all the stress we have had lately. Well guys, I think that’s all I have for today, I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye!

Quick Update

Hey guys! So yesterday was pretty hectic. The calls at work were really bad and apparently, while we were at work, there was a huge storm going on outside. It was actually so bad that were up last night cleaning until 3 a.m. because our ceiling had leaked all over a bunch of Tommy’s stuff. It was bad. Well guys I’ve got to get ready for work, but I wanted to give you guys a quick update. Be back later!


Hey guys! So I’m starting the blog a bit early in the day today, because I wanted to say a few different things. First I wanted to apologize because I’ve been slacking on a few days recently. Things have been super hectic. First of all, we finally got a Nintendo Switch. Its safe to say that after buying the console, a separate controller for me, and about 6 games, we are good to go. So far we have played Mario Kart 8 just with the little controllers that come with it. We just bought the other controller for me today because the tiny one just doesn’t work for me. The system is really cool so far. It is really expensive though. Like the system cost over $300 USD, the controller was 70, and the games are between 25-50 each. So unless you are a dedicated gamer lol, it may or may not be worth the investment. It was for us, for sure. Other than that, we are really just enjoying our last 3 day weekend. Starting next Monday we will be on a Mon-Fri schedule. Which is nice except it cuts out our 3rd day off. The other thing I wanted to talk to you guys about, is that I’ve come up with a more realistic plan for my life. To be honest I’m not sure I ever had a plan to begin with, I just had some general ideas of I want to do this thing at this time. One of the only things that’s been a constant idea for my life, throughout my entire life, has been writing. In the past few years as an adult I have learned that unfortunately, the reality of it is that 90% of the time you cannot make enough money writing to earn a living. Which is what my child and teenage self had always hoped to do lol. The other constant idea I have had is that I’ve always wanted a big family. I grew up the oldest of 3 and then 4 sisters total, with cousins always running around. I always loved the idea of having a big family with at least 3 kids. As an adult my issue has been how to juggle writing, a day job, and a family in the future. With my situation now, I’ve found the person I want to build a life with, so we now plan everything together. As it is right now, it would not be wise for me to get pregnant because we most likely could not pay our bills and house payments on just his income. So at this point I’ve decided that while I hate to wait, were going to pay off the house first, so I can stay home and write and take care of the future babies and not have to worry too much about our stability. I know it may sound silly but I feel like more of an adult lol. Well anyways, I just wanted to give you guys a more personal insight to my life right now. Hope I didn’t bore you lol. I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!