Memorial Day

Hi guys! So Happy Memorial day to you guys who celebrate it! Today my day has been a bit mixed. I went into work today thinking the calls were going to be really chill where it is a holiday here. I was very wrong. I don’t know why, but the calls were way worse today than normal. People were just super rude and mean for no reason. There was also the fact that when I woke up with morning I had an itch in my throat that over the course of the day turned into a full fledged sore throat. Which means I’m either sick or having allergies. Based on the fever and body aches I’m having I’m assuming its a bad cold or a flu. It really sucks. Although when we got home the night turned around a bit. We had a pretty chill night. We did watch this awesome movie that I found out about on an article on It’s a Korean movie called The Silenced. It’s based in a private school in 1930’s Korea. It’s kind of like a thriller/horror story. It was really good. If you’re into foreign films, or just thrillers, I would definitely recommend it. So tomorrow is our Friday and I’m pretty excited for that, especially since I started feeling crappy today. Hopefully calls will be better tomorrow lol. Well guys I’m going to head to bed now and hopefully feel better tomorrow. Bye Guys!


About Kayti Haas

Hi. I am just your average blogger, just writing about my life, and practicing my writing skills in general.
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