Stir Fry Goodness

Hey guys! So today we worked a shorter day at work. They have us on an 8 hour shift this week for memorial day, which is nice. I get to sleep in a bit, and the day goes by faster. We work on this schedule tomorrow, Tues, were of Wed., and Thurs. then work that same shift Friday. We would be working it Saturday too except Saturday is ComiCon day! I am super excited. So when we got off work tonight, after a lot of cleaning in the kitchen lol, Tommy finally made his famous stir fry. It was  fabulous. He used lots of veggies, tiny shrimps, and chicken. It was very filling and tasty, although I completely forgot to make the rice for it lol. Other than that it was great. It’s been a pretty chill night overall. My life can get boring sometimes lol. Sometimes that’s a good thing though. Either way, its getting a bit late so I think I’m going to turn in for the night. Bye Guys!


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