Change of Plans

Hey guys! So today was pretty average at work. When we got home I was super excited because Tommy was supposed to make me this chicken and shrimp stir fry for dinner, but we forgot to thaw the chicken. -_- So instead I am frying up some salmon patties lol. They are one of my favorite quick meals to make. I consider it like a healthier version of meatloaf lol. So today at work I discussed with Tommy the possibility of vlogging in the future and he reminded me that because of several factors in our life, that’s probably not the best idea. So I have instead decided that in the future I will be including a lot more photos in my blogs. I just feel like my words sometimes do not do justice to my topics lol. So I have a camera now, but its not great, so I’m going to start looking over my options for a better one. If any of you have suggestions I’m all ears. Tonight has been pretty uneventful otherwise. Tommy is playing one of his guitars, while I watch Hairspray for the millionth time lol. Well guys I will be back tomorrow, and hopefully have more to write about lol. Bye Guys!


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