Hi guys! So today I am super excited. If you watched the Billboard Music Awards, then you already know why. My boys BTS won top social artist!!! If you are not familiar, BTS is a popular Korean pop boy group. They are one of my personal favorites. I personally thought it was about time that they won this award, because they have the biggest global fan base online that I have ever heard of. Sure the American artists that were nominated are pretty popular, but their fan base does not span as far globally. There are hardcore BTS fans just about everywhere in the world. If you’re familiar at all with the K-pop world, then you have heard of the “BTS Army”. That’s what they call themselves, I think its cute. They can be super intense at times, sometimes too intense, but I think this time it was necessary. Well guys, sorry I didn’t have too much to write about tonight lol. Just wanted to give a huge congrats to BTS! Way to guys! We Love You!!!



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