Smh, America.

Hey guys! So today was yet another stressful day at work. That’s not what I want to talk about today though. Today I want to talk about politics. I know I’ve touched on this before, but I wanted to go into more detail. So if you read my last political blog, I tried to make it obvious that I am a democrat. Normally I’m not one of those people that thinks my opinion is the be all end all just because it’s what I think, but in this instance I’m pretty sure I’m correct. My country was stupid to elect a TV personality as a president. Now, maybe it would not have been as stupid if they elected a TV personality that was not a racist blithering idiot. I read an article that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson considered getting into politics. He may not be the smartest of guys, but I bet he won’t try(several times) to ban a religious group of people from entering the country! At this point I’m not even mad, America, I’m just disappointed. If my boyfriend were to agree to it, we would have went to Canada. I love Hockey, Canadian Bacon, and plus I hear Justin Trudeau is a pretty good guy. So guys I just really needed to get that off my chest. I’ll be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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