Stuff and Disappointments

Hey guys! So today was a particularly stressful day. Work was hectic as usual and I got caught on a call so we got home late and could not do what we had planned for the evening. It was also super disappointing that I woke up to find out that the seedlings I had of my little peppers had wilted. I blame it on a combination of the unpredictable weather we have here, and my lack of experience planting things. I still have not planted any of my flower seeds, and now I don’t plan to until I research each one individually and figure out exactly what they require to thrive. I will let you guys know when I finally get those planted. I feel like I wasted all those pepper and herb seeds lol. Oh well, at least they weren’t too expensive. Well guys its pretty late and I still have some stuff to take care of, so I will be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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