Wake Up Call

Hey guys! So today I have to write about something pretty sad. Today the world lost one of the greatest vocalists to ever grace the music industry. Chris Cornell passed away today. According to the reports he ended his own life. It is a damn tragedy. I was holding myself together pretty well until we went to trivia and the guy running it played a bunch of Soundgarden songs in a row and I went to the restroom and just lost it. I have loved Soundgarden and Chris Cornell’s solo work since I was a kid. I thought last year was bad when I lost close to every artist I cared about (Except you Bruce Springsteen, hang in there, we love you!). I just hope we don’t lose anyone else. Especially in the way we lost him.  I obviously can’t say that I know exactly how he felt or what led him to do what he did, but as someone who has personally been to some pretty dark places, I can tell you that this should be a serious wake up call. If you know someone who is struggling or if you yourself feel the need to end you’re life please, seek help, know that there’s hope and there’s a reason you’re here! I’m going to post a link for suicide hotlines around the world, if any of you might need it or know someone who might.

International Suicide Hotlines

Finally I’m going to post a video of a Soundgarden song that is very near and dear to my heart. This is Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. I hope you enjoy it, and remember Chris Cornell. Rest In Peace. We Love You. We Miss you.



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