Hey guys! So this is a post to make up for having not posted yesterday lol. So the reason why I did not post yesterday, is because we were out last night until after 5 a.m. So the day went like this. We slept in and woke up to a beautiful day. It was around 90 Degrees Fahrenheit (that’s around 32 degrees Celsius) all day which was awesome, at first. So we started out the day by getting ready and going to get his gun permit renewed.  So that was not such a pleasant experience for me because I had to wait in the car, because our town has really bad parking options so we had to park in a place you’re not exactly supposed to park for a long time lol and I had to make sure we didn’t get towed or something. So I was baking in the sun for what felt an hour, and when he finally came out we found out that renewing a permit is not a cheap process. $110 US dollars is what it costs in West Virginia to renew a gun permit, its so ridiculous lol. So after that we went to our local Gamestop to look around, and I decided that with my next paycheck, I am getting my own PS4 controller and the special edition Skyrim Game. Tommy plays console games all the time lol and I want in on the action. The game is like $60 because its remastered and comes with all the downloadable content, and the controller is $60 just because the controllers are expensive lol so that’s why I have to wait until payday. Anyway, so after we left Gamestop, we had to go to my sisters choir concert. The funny thing about that is that I forgot which school it was at and had to ask one of my other sisters if it was the middle or the high school. I thought it was the High School, but it was the middle. It was fun, they did like a medley of classic 80’s songs, which was cool. I didn’t know what to expect so I told Tommy we would have to miss trivia, but it turned out to be a lot shorter than I thought. So we did make it to trivia, although we completely flopped this week lol. So after we left trivia it was about 9 p.m. and it was still super warm out so we just drove around for a while. On a whim, we decided to stop at one of our local “adult” stores just to look around, I had never been in that particular one before. I ended up buying this cute white slip and he got some incense. After that we drove around for a while longer then he decided to stop at one of our local bars because some of his friends were there. I am not a big bar person, I don’t drink and I’m not super social with people I’m not really close to, so I normally hate going out bars. So this time I came prepared with a book.  So we were at the bar until almost 2 a.m. Then we drove around for a couple more hours and then we decided to go on walk through the park because it was still super warm out. So we walked for a super long time and by the time we made it home around 5-ish, I was ridiculously tired. So we had a pretty eventful day and that is why I was unable to post lol. Well guys I will be back later tonight. Bye!


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