Lovely Evening

Hey guys! So today was our Friday which is great. It’s nice having my 3 day weekends back. Work went as one would expect lol. Other than that its been a great day. Its been really warm all day, and night. When we got home we both decided we needed a pretty hefty dinner. So I prepared one of our favorites, beans and cornbread. If you’re from my area, or just the more southern area of the U.S. you would be familiar. If not, it basically consists of white or pinto beans cooked normally in pork fat, and a side of corn bread. Occasionally depending on the person sausage might be added, and sauerkraut. That’s the way I prefer it. It’s not the healthiest of meals, but it’s a comfort food for sure. It was nice that we were able to sit outside and have a meal. Its been a super relaxing evening which is rare in my life lately. Tomorrow we have a pretty busy day planned. He has to renew his gun permit, we have some errands to run downtown, and then one of my younger sisters is having a school choir concert in the evening. That will be fun to see and also because I love going back to my old high school. It may sound lame but its just fun lol. Another good thing about tonight, Tommy wanted me to mention lol, he finally beat all the DLC’s for the PS4 game Witcher 3. It was a lot of fun to watch, and he had a lot of fun playing it. Its a really good RPG, if you are into video games, you should definitely check it out. Well guys, its super late where I am now, so I’m going to head to bed now. I’ll be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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