Day Off

Hey guys! So today was our day we took off. It has been a beautiful day. It has been lots of fun. The first half of the day was pretty relaxed. Then after a while we went to Bahnhof with our friend from out of town. We got a different dish this time. This time we got the sausage party. It comes with 3 sausages, a huge pretzel and 2 pickled deviled eggs. It was great. We split that and then split a steak with some fries between the 3 of us. It was very good. I think I might like their sausages more than the schnitzel. Then we came home and sat for a bit, then went to my moms. We chilled there for a little while. It was nice to see everyone. Everyone was there except the oldest of my younger sisters. She was working, and its probably better because according to everyone she’s been doing some poor decision making lately and upsetting everyone. I love my sister, but it doesn’t surprise me. She will make her own mistakes though. I won’t tell her what to do but I’ll gently suggest, and then when she does what she wants anyway, I’ll be happy to give her the old I told you so when its all over. I love seeing my family but the family drama is always a pain. Other than that it’s been a pretty great day. I talked to my grandpa on the phone which was nice. I’m dreading going back to work which is how I usually feel but its worse when I have days off. I hope because tomorrow is Sunday it will be a bit more chill. I think I’m going to bring my computer so I can work on my short story as well. Well guys its getting a bit late so I will sign off for now and be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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