Hey guys! So today was our first day back to work for the week. It was what I expected. So not great lol. I just keep telling myself that it’s temporary lol. In some ways I feel like I should not be so negative about it, but its hard sometimes. So today my thoughts are all over the place. First, I wanted to talk about a house I really want to go see. Tommy has been dragging his feet about emailing our Realtor about it lol. (I think he’s more attached to this house than he wants to admit lol) It’s just a few blocks away, and has pretty much everything we need. Plus it has a really nice open floor plan and the way its set up it has a retro 70’s feel which I love. There are a couple things I would change, like there is a blue toilet in one bathroom and a green one in another, those would be changed out asap. The third toilet is white thank goodness. One of the sinks in the bathroom is green as well. Tommy kind of likes it, but if we are nixing the matching toilet, then the sinks gotta go lol. Other than that the place is great, and it has a pool. Nuff’ said. Anyways, so I really hope I can convince Tommy to get our Realtor to let us see it soon. So another thing I wanted to talk about was Mothers Day. So Tommy and I both work on Mothers day, plus my mom has a full time job so doing something for mothers day is just not practical. So for the last couple of years I usually bake her some sort of pastry and either stop by her work and drop it off, or stop by her house. Last year I made her homemade blackberry muffins. She loves blackberries so those are always a hit. This year I’m doing Walnut, White Chocolate chip cookies. She loves white chocolate and walnuts so I thought why not? I’ve never made this recipe before, so I’m a bit nervous because I’m not super experienced in baking, but I think I can handle it. Well guys I think that’s about all I have for today. I will be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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