Movin’ On Up

Hey guys! So today was the last day of our weekend. Which never makes me happy. Except we only have to go to work tomorrow and then we have the day off again. We took Saturday off on purpose because a friend of ours is coming in from out of town. Plus it’s getting to the point where if I can take a day off this job, I will. So today was a pretty relaxed day. One thing I was pretty excited about, we finally tried the Midnight Mint Mocha at Starbucks! I was actually shocked that my store had them. To be honest, mine was not super awesome. If you’re familiar its like a java chip frap with a little mint. I enjoyed it, because I’m a big fan of the java chip, but I really wanted more mint. I love mint chocolate and was super excited about this, and I kinda got let down lol. It’s not a big deal though, I’m not super into Starbucks and I only have it every now and then. I try not to have too many sugary drinks or caffeinated drinks. I was just excited about this one because it was all over the internet lol. So today I wore my first pair of size 4 jeans and was super excited, because after I first bought them I was afraid it was just a fluke that they fit, but it was not! They fit beautifully. I could not be happier with them. I can’t wait to buy some size 4 dresses! I love having an excuse to go shopping lol. So the last thing I wanted to touch on, is that we are looking into moving. We are going to try and stay in our town, but we definitely need to be in another neighborhood. Our neighborhood has always been a little shady, but lately its gotten a really bad drug and crime problem. Last night someone tried to steal my boyfriends car. We have had attempted thefts before, and so have our neighbors, but anyone that knows my boyfriend knows that he loves his cars more than life. We both work too hard to have a thief or addict messing up our stuff. So while we have been considering it for quite a while (for several different reasons) we are officially looking at other houses. I am super excited. I love the idea of moving because I feel like it would be a fresh start for us, plus its something that I will have a hand in choosing and decorating, unlike this house. I love this house in a lot of ways, but in others its kind of haunting you know? Like you can tell someone was here before you. I hate that. I am super excited about moving. Well guys, its pretty late so I’ll stop here and be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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