Spring Cleaning

Hey guys! So in general I am not a person who is keen on cleaning, but I occasionally get in a mood when I start working on something and will keep going for hours. That’s what just happened. I bought some new jeans today so I went through all my clothes and for like the 4th time in a matter of months I took out about a garbage bags worth of clothes to donate. Our foyer is starting to be overtaken by garbage bags of clothes to donate. I hope tomorrow we can finally make it to the goodwill donation place. Occasionally all the clutter really gets to me, usually I’m pretty laid back about it though. That’s why I’m thinning down my clothes. I bought new jeans today though because most of the jeans I have are too big because I have lost a lot of weight. I used to wear a size 7 in jeans, and after trying on different pairs today, I am a size 4! I don’t think I’ve been a size 4 since my middle school years. I was seriously amazed. So today I only got two new pairs of pants, which means as I get more I’ll be getting rid of more lol. It never ends! Also going through my clothes I discovered I have like 20 socks that have no mate, and out of my plain everyday socks that I bought recently, I only have 3 pairs left. -_- I really have to pay more attention to my stuff lol. The good news out of all of this is that my dresser is now organized, and I have a couple pairs of new, properly fitting pants. Today has been pretty chill other than that. We had the usual Tuesday trivia, that was lots of fun. Other than that we just hung out at home. Well guys I am going to get back to my cleaning, I will be back on tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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