Hi guys! So guys I have noticed my past few blogs have been a bit negative. So today I wanted to make a point to write about something positive. It’s my Friday, so that’s one thing that makes me happier. What I really wanted to talk about is that at work today, for only a minute I felt like I won for once. I was having a pretty normal day, the customers were their usual mix of nice and not so nice people. Then I got one guy on the phone that was particularly heated about his issue. I won’t discuss what the issue was, but he was very upset about it. He was upset to the point of yelling at me at the top of his lungs, using every curse word he could think of. Normally if this were to happen to me I would fold and get in an argument or completely shut down and wait until the call ends and have a little breakdown. It’s calls like those and people like that that discourage me a great deal. So for the first time in the years I have been doing this work, I took a new approach. As he started yelling I felt my heart start racing as it normally would in this situation and instead of interjecting, I just stared into my screen without saying a word. When he was done I made my point again in my normal calm “customer service” voice. At this point he realized he was not getting to me and disconnected the call. For the first time, I did not let myself be bullied. To be honest Tommy helped me with this a lot, I used to struggle(and still do) with being the victim in situations. For the first time, I won. I think this is a lesson that can be applied to any situation where someone is being bullied, whether that is in a school situation, a work situation, or just in everyday life. These bullies are doing what they are doing to get a rise out of you. To bother you because they think it will give them attention or get them what they want. The key is to not give in. Ignore them and what they say. If you are in a school situation and it is a fellow student, or if you’re at work and it is a colleague, report it to someone in authority. If you are in a situation like mine, the best thing to do is ignore it and continue to do your job. When they see that their insults are not getting to you, they will eventually stop. When they stop, you win. Well, I will leave you on that note, with the classic meme of my man Charlie Sheen and I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!



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