Hi guys! So today was a pretty rough day. We went into work today and got bombarded with a bunch of new rules and templates for things. In other words more things to do while dealing with unruly customers. -_- It would not have been so bad except that Tommy was on a call for a whole hour after our shift ended because of a huge debacle with a shady account. So we did not get home until 11 and I still had to cook dinner. So our evening is cut to almost nothing. I get so discouraged by stuff like this. I just have to cling to my writing and know that as long as I keep working on my book, my short story, and this blog, I will feel like I have an actual purpose and I’m not toiling my life away for nothing. Well guys tomorrow is our Friday so at least I have that.I’ll post some pics of our comic book day haul then. I’m going to relax for a bit now, I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!



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