Free Comic Book Day!/ Updates

Hi guys! So first I wanted to update you guys on the situation I mentioned yesterday. Surprise, surprise, I am not pregnant. I think that was a combination of the hypochondria and my time of the month emotions overwhelming me. So today ended up being my least favorite day of the month. Its alright though because we took today off work so at least I could suffer in peace. So in happier news, today was free comic book day! We went to our two local comic shops, and even though its free comic day, we ended up spending about 60 bucks lol. We did get our free comics but we spent the money mainly because we don’t go downtown too often and there were some things we wanted from there anyway. I’ll show you guys our haul in a later post. So after comic book day, a couple of our friends hosted a bit of a party. It was lots of fun. A lot of people made really good food and drinks. I made a few drinks for myself, which I rarely do, but I thought, hey it’s an occasion so why not? I didn’t get stupid or anything, I did get a little woozy close to the end of the night but then I had some water and some more food so all was well again. We just got home and its about 2:30 a.m. our time. Normally I would be concerned because we work tomorrow, but I have resolved myself to just do this job, and not be super duper concerned, ( I know that sounds bad, but I’ve survived at work on less sleep than this) because I will one day officially be a writer and I just have to tough it out until then. One bit of exciting news, I have officially started writing the short story for the anthology I told you about that some of our friends are putting together. I think its going to be great. Assuming all goes according to plan, this will be my first published piece. I will keep you guys updated on that as well. Well guys I am a bit tired so I think I’ll close it out here and be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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