Hi guys! So today my blog hit 100 likes!! I am so excited and I wanted to say thank you guys so so much, it means a lot to me that you guys like what I’m posting. So in celebration of that, I wanted to tell you guys a secret guilty pleasure I have. No one but Tommy knows about my interest in this. Other than it being different and would make me really stand out, the reason no one knows about this is because its super expensive and is limited in its availability in my country. It is Lolita Fashion! First of all, to clarify, Lolita fashion has NOTHING to do with the book or the movie Lolita. It is not a fetish thing or anything sexual at all. It is a Japanese street fashion based on Elizabethan and French Roccocco era style dresses. Its known for being very modest and feminine. If you would want more detail about it I would definitely recommend looking it up on YouTube. There are tons of Lolita YouTubers. My favorite is Lovely Lor. There are several different styles and then different brands for each style. My favorite brand personally is Julliette et Justine. They have beautiful prints of paintings on the dresses and I think they are gorgeous. So the reason that I don’t have any of these dresses, is because in price they can range anywhere from $200 for a used dress and up to $800 dollars for a new one depending on the brand and quality. Also because most of the brands are based in Japan or China, getting them in the US would mean buying them online. Which someone who does not know her dress size (me) cannot do, especially when these sites are often in Japanese and not super easy to translate. Granted I took 2 years of Japanese in High School, but that in no way qualifies me to possibly ask for an exchange for a dress that’s a lot of money and being shipped overseas. As far as I know there are only a few Lolita Stores in the US. There are a couple in California, as well as one in New York. We have been “planning” a trip to New York to visit that one, because its closest to us, but that’s still a long way off from happening if it will happen at all. I’m going to include a few different pics of different styles of Lolita for you guys to see as well as my dream dress from my favorite brand. I hope you guys liked learning about this little dream I have lol. I will be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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