Personal Day

Hi guys! So being new to blogging, I’m not sure if you guys can see the time that my blogs are posted, but if you are, you would know yesterdays was super duper late lol. Plus even after I posted we were up for a while due to some unforeseen circumstances. We ended up falling asleep around 7 a.m our time which is about an hour before we would have to be up for work. It was really bad lol so needless to say we did not go in to work today. Today was what one would consider a personal or mental health day. It wasn’t all mental though, because my ears were ringing incessantly and I had a migraine that felt like someone beat the shit out of my head with a baseball bat. It was weird because I didn’t even drink.  We did not end up waking up until about 2 p.m. We sat around for a bit but then did some yard work. He mowed the grass, and while he did that, I finally got the sweet peppers into their pots. It made me really anxious though, because those chaotic kids were outside. I was right to be anxious though because they knocked two of my pepper pots over with their fucking soccer ball. I know I’ve said this in a blog before, but your neighbors are not babysitters!!!! Ughhhhhh. So after that happened I moved all my little pepper pots to a table we have in the backyard. I just hope they get enough sun out there. After that, Tommy picked up some mulch for me, so I tore up all the weeds that were crowding out my roses and put some gold mulch down. It says its gold but honestly, its just a shinier brown lol but it still looks good. So now that the mulch is down, and the grass is cut, this next weekend I will be planting the flowers and other veggies. I’m so excited! Well I will be back tomorrow to let you guys know how work went. Bye Guys!


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