Hawthorne Heights!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! So the show was sooo awesome! They played all the classics for us long time fans, and they even played some newer stuff that I liked too. We arrived a little bit late for the show as a whole just because we had team trivia, but we did get to see some of a band before them, and that band was pretty good too. I bought a shirt and a record. Here are some pics of the show and of us just hanging out afterwards. I have not gotten to do my old emo eye makeup in so many years. It was so nice. And as it turns out, my belly is not the horrible enormous thing I thought it would be, I actually got a lot of compliments on my outfit. I did spend the whole night flipping my hair out of my eyes though. It may sound silly but I miss having to do that lol. Needless to say, 16 year old me was very happy with the night overall. As well as my current self. Except for the fact that it was super crowded, but in a way that makes me happy because I’m glad that that many people came out to see them. I’m glad they are doing so well. Well guys that’s all I really have for tonight. I will be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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