First Time For Everything

Hi guys! So today was a bit more productive than yesterday. I did get up on time. Although when I planned on leaving the house at noon, we did not leave until 2. So we were still a bit behind my proposed schedule. The first place we went was Gabriel Brothers. If you’re not familiar, its kind of like a bargain store, that gets surplus from a lot of stores, and because of that often have super cheap brand name stuff. I got some strappy high heels that if I saw them in a department store, they would be anywhere for 60 to 100 dollars, but I got them for 10! I also got some super cute sunglasses with a lattice design on top and the cute winged edges for 10 dollars. Then we made it to the mall for a bit. I did not find any everyday shoes. The one Ralph Lauren pair I really liked did not fit me at all lol it was really frustrating because an 8 was too big and a 7 1/2 was too small. It was so upsetting. I did find a couple shirts at hot topic that were on sale. One of them I will be wearing to the concert tomorrow, and that’s mainly what I wanted to talk about today. For the first time in my entire life, I bought a crop top shirt. Note that I weigh only 130 lbs, but I have always had a bit of a pudgy belly. So as long as I have been buying my own clothes, I have been deathly afraid of crop tops. I want nothing to do with anything that shows my stomach. Until recently. I have over time become more accepting of my body and have been making an effort to take better care of it. Part of that for me is embracing some more risky fashion choices. So tomorrow for the first time ever, I will be wearing a crop top in public. I will have Tommy take some pics and send them to me so I can post them. I’m so excited for the show! I just hope I don’t spend all night worrying about my belly lol. Well I will be back tomorrow and I will let you guys know how it went. Bye Guys!


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