Change of Plans

Hi guys! So today was the first day of our 3 day weekend. I planned to spend the majority of it shopping for some new everyday shoes, possibly a bathing suit and an outfit for the concert tomorrow. Needless to say things did not go that way. First, I did not wake up until like noon lol. I do that a lot on the weekends but I didn’t mean to today because I wanted to be up and ready to do stuff lol. The next thing is that once I was awake, I had a lot of cleaning to do and that took forever. So what ended up happening is that we did not leave the house until 5, knowing that we had team trivia at 7:30. So instead of having a relaxing fun shopping trip like I wanted, We got to our local mall, I went into Macy’s, looked around for not even 15 minutes and Tommy came back from Starbucks to inform me that not only would I not be able to post about the Unicorn Frappuccino because they don’t have it in our area, but also that we only had about 10 more minutes before we had to turn around and leave again. -_- So to give you guys a little bit of background, I love shopping. Even if I’m not necessarily going to buy anything I love walking around shops just looking at everything. I find it super relaxing, and the one thing I hate is to be rushed. So at that point I put down the pair of gray Ralph Lauren flats I was considering and gave up. We did make it to trivia on time which I was happy about. We also won first place which is awesome. We then just drove around for a while just because its still so nice outside. I did decide though that I am setting an alarm for 10 tomorrow morning and hopefully we will be out the door by 12. We have a pathfinder game tomorrow at 6 so I want to have more than enough time to peruse, and do what I want with no pressure. Well guys, I will be back tomorrow, and let you know how things went. Bye Guys!


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