Sunday, more like Monday

Hey Guys! So today was our first day out on the floor for the new department. It was a little hectic at first but then it was just like any other day. The only thing that really bugged me today, is that I was working on a puzzle that I started before I started training for the new department, and I started putting all the edge pieces together, and found out I was missing 4 edge pieces! If you do puzzles, you would understand, that this is the most infuriating thing in the world. I will put a puzzle back in its box and never pick it up again when this happens. It means that someone either ganked my pieces thinking it would be funny, or I legitimately lost them. Hopefully its the latter because that would be really crappy of someone. Other than that, the day was not too bad. We got home pretty late, but we did get to watch the final episode of Stranger Things. I cried my eyes out. If you have not seen that show, you are seriously missing out. #AllOfTheFeels. I can’t believe we have to wait until October for the next season! Its bad enough I’m having to wait until July for Game Of Thrones! I’m thinking I’m going to pick up those books too. I’ve heard from a lot of people that there’s a lot in the books that doesn’t make it to the show and I’m super excited about it. It is super late because we had to do some paperwork for our new insurance, and as usual we waited until the last moment lol. I am super tired so I’m really glad that we only have to work tomorrow before our 3 day weekend. Well, I’m headed to bed now, I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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