Record Store Day!

Hi Guys! So before I go into my topic for the day, I wanted to say a great big thank you! Today I reached over 10 followers! Thank you guys so much, it means soo much to me! So today was both Earth day and record store day. First in honor of Earth Day, I am super happy to report that the first of my herbs sprouted today! Its super tiny and adorable. Nothing else has sprouted yet, but it should be any day now, for the herbs at least. So today was our only day off in between training and our new schedule. It was pretty gloomy outside. It was chilly and rained on and off so we spent the first half of our day pretty much laying around the house. Then after a bit we headed to the record store for our annual Record Store Day haul. I know I’ve told you guys that Tommy is a musician, but hes also a serious lover and collector of music. So we went to our local record store Now Hear This, and spent a while browsing. We ended up spending almost $300 dollars on records lol. He got about 10 records in total I believe, and I got one and a couple CD’s. I only just recently owned a record player so I’ve always been bigger on CD’s. I do like the sound of records though. I got an Elvis Presley folk/country record. (I will only listen to country if its Elvis) One thing to know about me, ever since I was a tiny tot, I was in love with everything Elvis. He was like a god to me when I was little lol. I love everything he’s ever done. I even like his gospel music despite the fact that I’m not christian. I have just always been entranced by his voice, his look, and his overall swagger. He’s always held a special place in my heart. Here are some pics of our haul.

So after we got home from the record store, we spent a long time trying to decide where to eat. The reason it took so long, is because every place in town we went to was super packed. Probably because some people were doing some kind of science day thing, and there was also some kind of prom or dance going on so there were a ton of people out. At about 8 we finally decided to walk downtown (because there was nowhere to park) and just find any place with an empty table. Specifically a place with burgers. At first we were thinking five guys, but decided to look around first. We ended up seeing that Max and Erma’s had a lot of open tables so we went there. I had their Cajun shrimp pasta (which is great by the way) and he had the Cola BBQ Bacon Burger. He was really having a red meat craving lol. After we got home we intended to watch the last episode of Stranger Things, but due to a health issue I’ve had for the past few days, I wasn’t up to it so we’re just chilling before bed. So tomorrow is the first real day in our new department. I’m not so nervous anymore, now it’s more just dreading work the way I always do lol. I am trying to be more positive though. I told myself this would be like a fresh start. I’m still learning everything but that’s typical in my line of work. One thing I’m super excited for is the short story I’m working on for my friends book. I love the idea of working with my friends, and the idea of finally getting something published feels incredible. It feels like that necessary first step into being able to say that I’m a writer. I mean it helps that I’m working on my novel but thats a long way off. The only other thing that gives me that feeling of accomplishment is doing this blog everyday. I really appreciate you guys for supporting me. So do you guys celebrate Earth Day, or Record Store Day? Let me know in the comments! Well its getting a bit late so I’m headed to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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