Sorry Guys!

Hey so first of all I wanted to say I’m sorry I forgot to blog yesterday. I’ve been doing really good about posting at least a little bit every day, but yesterday I got so caught up in everything I just forgot. So to start off yesterday was our second day on the phone in our new department and its safe to say it is not as relaxed as I had originally thought it would be. Yesterday was an awful day at work. It was one of those days, and if you have  a phone job(or any customer service job) you understand, there are some days that make you just want to walk out and not come back. I was just grateful that the calls weren’t back to back like they can be sometimes. Anyways so after work, we came home and hung out on the porch for a bit before dinner, and one the neighborhood kids was out there. These kids just stress me right the fuck out. This kid had a soccer ball and was indiscriminately kicking it wherever. So it landed in my rose bushes a couple times and hit the car a couple times. Ughhhhh. So I realize that as someone who does not have kids (yet) I don’t have much room to say anything, but when your kid is playing outside, its a basic rule that you or another parent is out there to supervise. Unless this is something that is first discussed and agreed upon, your neighbors are NOT your babysitters!! So after dinner when I was doing the dinner dishes, Tommy was out on the porch and the adult neighbors where over here talking to him, and he told me afterwards, that they told him the dog that they had passed away from being hit by a truck. Because it was outside alone with the little kids! All I’m saying is what if it was the kid that got hit by a truck?! We live on one of the busiest streets in our town so that’s all the more reason to keep an eye out. Some people need to get a handle on their lives. So after dinner we ended up watching some more stranger things before we went to bed, sorry this turned into a bit of a rant lol but I was pretty frustrated about the whole situation. One thing that was good, apparently our town got an award for best community in the country! That’s pretty good and I hope they use the prize money well. But as far as things go with me hopefully today goes better and I will back later tonight, Bye Guys!


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