Hey guys! So today is a beautiful day. It’s super sunny and pretty outside and I am super happy because one of my rose bushes has around 20 little buds right now! Its really exciting but I’m also concerned because my other rosebush doesn’t have any buds right now and the stems are a bit more brown than I like. I’ve never grown roses before so I’m not sure exactly what condition its in, but I gave it a little more rose food and water to hopefully perk it up a little. I’m a bit more concerned though because now that its warmer outside, the kids in our neighborhood are going crazy. They have a new ball that they are kicking around, that already almost hit one of our cars, and did land right in one of our neighbors bushes. Tommy had a freak out fearing they will hit our car. This was another one of moments where I had to press the point, we need to move. I love our neighborhood for the most part, and I love a lot of things about our house, but there are several very good reasons for us to move. Crazy kids is a pretty good reason, especially when I’m very close to planting several flowers and veggies that I don’t want destroyed. Realistically, there’s no way we can move at the moment though. We are always looking at houses, but have never made a serious move in that direction. So today has been a good day but its been kind of rough just because we were up all night because I had the worst cough that would NOT let up. Every time I would start dozing off, I would get that itch in my throat. It was absolutely miserable. I probably got maybe 3 hours sleep at best. I’m still coughing today but not as bad. Well guys I’m gonna sign off for today, I’ll be back tomorrow, bye Guys!


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