Hi guys! So today I did not get done what I had planned. I originally wanted to go back to the home depot to get the rest of the stuff for my garden, and do my planting. I also after all the gardening was done, wanted to go to Nawab for dinner. That’s an Indian Restaurant in our town and I absolutely love their shrimp curry. My plans were thwarted by rain, my laziness and we couldn’t do Nawab because the BF had an upset stomach. So what actually happened today is that we sat around for a few hours then took a walk through the park. Then a little while after that we went to a cookout a friend of a friend was having. It ended up being pretty fun. We just now got home lol. Hopefully the weather will be clear so I can do my gardening tomorrow. I don’t usually do anything for Easter, although I did observe Ostara this year. Where I practice Wicca and the BF is just neutral, we don’t take most holidays too seriously. I was raised christian as a child so I still observe some customs from holidays. On Easter the only things I do now as an adult are, I will have a white chocolate (preferably hollow) bunny as a special treat, and I will make a nice ham dinner. To be honest, I love any holiday with a grand meal involved. I love having an excuse to cook a big dinner lol. This year we were invited to some family festivities but declined to go. We do celebrate the bigger holidays with them though like Christmas, July 4th and sometimes Halloween. Today as far as how I feel, I felt great when I first woke up, like I could talk and could tell most of the mucus was on its way out, but progressively through the day I ended up right back where I was except now I have a horrible cough along with my lack of voice. I did pick up some cold and allergy medicine at the store though so hopefully that will kick in soon. Well guys I am headed to bed now. I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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